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Step 5: Compile ACEmu Server

Compile ACEmu Server

NOTE: You should have already downloaded the ACE-Master.zip file during step 2 (Setup & Import ACE Database) if not download ACE https://github.com/ACEmulator/ACE


Extract the ACE-Master.zip file to your C:\ drive for ease of use.

Open C:\ACE-master\Source\ACE.sln file (assuming you extracted the ACE-master directly to your C:\ drive.

1: By double clicking on the ACE.sln file this should open Visual Studio for you. Click “OK” and let it fully load.

NOTE: You may be prompted to Sign in, Create an account, or click on Not now, maybe later. Using the community version you can create a free account.


Pick a Visual Studio Theme


2: Scroll down the right “Solution Explorer” and find Config.js.example listed inside WorldObjects folder.


3: Double click on Config.js.example to open it in the left window.


4: Here you will want to specify your database username and password. Scroll down until you see “MySql”: { and replace “root” with the username you chose. ***If using MariaDB leave root as the username*** Place the password you picked in between the quotes for the Password lines.

5: Make sure all three sections have the updated database username and password.

6: Save your changes by clicking the File Menu at the top left and select Save Config.js.example As…


7: When the save window opens rename the save name to Config.js and click on “Save”.


8: Be sure to change the compile settings from Debug over to Release and make sure it’s set to x64.


9: Scroll the “Solution Explorer” back up to the top and right mouse click on Solution ‘ACE’ (x Projects)

10: Left mouse click on Build Solution or you can press CRTL+SHIFT+B at the same time to compile the code.


11: Once the compiling is finished you should see “========== Build: 9 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========” if not please reach out to the ACEmu Discord channel


Running the compiled server


1: Make a folder on your C:\ drive named ACE, copy the client_cell_1.dat, client_portal.dat, and client_local_English.dat into that folder C:\ACE.

2: Go into C:\ACE-master\Source\ACE.Server\bin\x64\Release and locate the netcoreapp2.2 folder.

3: Copy the netcoreapp2.2 folder to your desktop or other location of your liking. You may even rename this folder.

4: Now enter the folder netcoreapp2.2 (or whatever you renamed it to) and double click “start_server.bat”



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