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How to setup Asheron's Call to play on a emulated server.

To connect to any Asheron's Call emulator server. You must first install Asheron's Call, update the client files and optionally install Thwarglauncher.

1) Download the Official Asheron's Call installer from Turbine.

2) Run the ac1install.exe and install to the default location.


3) Download the End of Retail Client Files.


4) Copy the 3 files inside the .zip to your Asheron's Call folder and choose Replace when prompted.


5) Download and install Thwarglauncher.


6) Be sure to install Thwarglauncher to its default path.


  • Account for most ACE servers are created the first time you login to the server.
  • If you have trouble logging in to a specific server you can join the server Discord by clicking the icon next to the server name on Thwarglauncher.


7) OPTIONAL: If you wish to use AC Tool and Companion with Asheron's Call. Or if you wish to use Thwarglauncher in advance mode you will need to install Decal and add ThwargFilter into Decal.

  1. Download Decal. Either of the exe or MSI will work,  you don't need both. Or you may download the exe file from our Download section here.


  2. Install Decal to its Default location.
  3. NOTE: You may be asked to install DirectX 9 in order to install Decal. Download and install the DirectX 9.0C WebInstaller.
  4. Make sure to update Decal so that the red X's turn to black check marks.  NOTE: Version 1 Plugin Surrogate, under Surrogates, will always have a red X. As there is no update for it.
  5. Once updated you can add ThwargFilter.



    If you let Thwarglauncher install to the default location. Then you will find ThwargFilter.dll in
    C:\Program Files (x85)\Thwargle Games\ThwargLauncher



If you have our own private server and need help adding your private server to Thwarglauncher visit here.

If you're playing Asheron's Call on Windows 10, you may have an issue with DirectX. It doesn't occure for everyone, but for those that get the popup about DirectX failure/errors, first try this workaround:


When at the Character Selection screen, before clicking on Create Character or Enter World, Press and hold the Alt key, then press the Enter key.

The game should switch from Full Screen to Windowed mode and continue to work correctly.

Once you are in the world, you can adjust the game window to be a higher resolution.



Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial

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