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AC Tool Companion with a emulated server issue reporting

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This thread is for reporting any issues of using AC Tool Companion with a emulated server. Please note that since I do not play Asheron's Call. It might take some time for me to look into this issue, or even to fix the issue.

All issue reports must include all of the following:

  1. Which emulated server: GDLE or ACE?
  2. Location within the game. Give the in game coordinates.
  3. A full description of what you are trying to do in the game.
  4. A full description of what the problem is.
  5. A test script that reproduces the issue.

Any issue report that is missing this information, or missing the test script. Will be deleted without the issue being looked into.

In the future, more information may be required. As such this post will be updated to include that information above. And that additional information will only be required. starting from the date this post has been updated.

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