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First, I'll start by saying I love the tool and have been using it for many years but only recently came back to AC (regular version, not ac2) to a private server and am having some issues.

I have a non-installed copy of AC Tools (5.5.1) and I cannot seem to use the "UseItem" and "HaveItem" commands.  I get an error, which is cryptic but leads me to believe that I either do not have the AC Tool Companion installed or it isn't the right version.  So, with that said...  On to my questions.

1) How do I verify whether or not the AC Tools Companion (that is used by many scriptable commands such as "UseItem" and "HaveItem") is installed?
2) How can I verify the version of AC Tool Companion versus that of just AC Tool?
3) Would this process be easier in one of the 'installed' versus 'just lazily zipped' versions?  In other words - is there an installer option for the AC Tool Companion?

Thanks for everything you do, hopefully I provided enough information here to get some help.  I've been reading as much as I can on the subject and frankly, I just couldn't locate the answer on my own, which is really what is forcing the question here.  Apologies if I've missed something obvious or left something out.  In those cases, feel free to chime in and tell me everything that's wrong with my life.  



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Okay, unfortunately AC Tool v5.5.1 is having problems connecting to Companion. So, what you need to do.

  1. Download the current version of Decal.
  2. Download AC Tool v5.4.0, you can find this in the download area of the forums.
  3. Install Decal.
  4. Install AC Tool v5.4.0, don't forget to select installing Companion.
  5. In order to get Companion to work properly with Decal v2.9.7.5.
    Merge the attached .reg file into your windows registry.
    (This will remove a Surrogate entry from the AC Tool Companion
    plugin settings in Decal.)
  6. Run Decal with Administrator Rights.
  7. Right-click on the Decal icon and Select Configure.
  8. You should see AC Tool Companion listed and has a version
  9. Click on the Update button.

If you do not see AC Tool Companion specifically listed. Or you do not see the version number Then something went wrong with the installation of either Decal or AC Tool & Companion.


Now to use AC Tool and Companion, do the following:

  1. Run Decal, with Administrator Rights.
  2. Run AC Tool with Administrator Rights.
  3. Run ThwargLauncher with Administrator Rights.
  4. Connect to the server of your choice. Make sure to have
    Decal Injection checkmarked.

NOTE: Once you are logged into the game. AC Tool/Companion will not send text to the game after you have arrived in the game. I do not know if this is a problem with ThwargLauncher injecting Decal into the game client. Or if this is a problem Companion originally being made for a version of Decal earlier than I have to figure out where the problem is. But, it is kinda hard to do when there is no information available on creating plugins directly for, or connecting directly to, Decal. (The only information currently available is for the Virindi plugin system for Decal.) If anyone can point me to information on Decal and plugins, that does not use the Virindi system, I would be grateful.

But, you can test that Decal and Companion is working. By using a new macro. Add the following and then run the macro:

SendText 13, Test
FaceHeading 0
Delay 1 sec
FaceHeading 220

If you do not see a line of light blue text showing up in your chat box, and your character does not turn to face one way, and the another. Then you need to look into how you have Decal and AC Tool 5.4.0 w/ Companion installed.

AC Tool Companion1.reg

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Wabbit - thank you so much!  Not only for the quick response, but for all the details you listed.

I am now up and running with AC Tool Companion.  The script worked and changed my heading.  Very exciting to have this working once again.  Thank you very much for all of your efforts and those that are also working to support you and the development of this great tool!!

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