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Asheron's Call - Where to play?

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On 11/3/2020 at 10:58 AM, Haus said:

Does anyone know where to access/play Asheron's Call.  Remember reading a few years back some people had made their own servers?

You need the Launcher http://www.thwargle.com, You can have multiply Accounts (I'm sitting at 4) and signing on at these Two (?)..




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To follow up on what @Bear stated. There are Emulator servers for Asheron's Call out there. At first there were two different Emulator projects. They where Phat AC (Phat) and ACEmulator (ACE). Then sometime later a third server emulator appeared on the seen, GDLEnchanced (GDLE).

Not to long after GDLE came onto the seen. Turbine, and it's parent company, served a Cease and Desist to the Developers of the Phat AC emulator. To shut down all development of the emulator and the destruction of any and all code for the Phat AC emulator. The Cease and Desist also included that any personal servers using the Phat AC emulator was also to brought down. And that any and all images and video content created from the Phat AC emulator and shared online. Had to also be deleted.

From what I had read, the reason for this was because Phat AC was using server code that was leaked some years prior to AC's sunset. And that some how it was also using code that was generated from reverse engineering the actual AC server. (Personally, I do not see how this last was possible.)


At this time the only Asheron's Call server emulators out there are ACE and GDLE. (I am quit sure that there might still be a few Phat servers out there too. But, they would be underground.)

The Launcher that @Bear mentioned,  will have a few ACE and GDLE servers setup to be able to log into. And I am sure that you can possibly find others with a search on Google. Or you can log into ACE's and GDLE's individuals Discords. And then be able to get addresses for any servers out there.


Since I have never played the game when it was live. So, I can not say how close the emulators are to Live. Or if they will ever be as Live was at Sunset.

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