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AcTools and Sandboxie

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Is it possible to use AcTools with Sandboxie.

I cannot seem to find the right setactivewindow.

I have attached the program to see if anyone can head me in the right direction.

Trying to open 2 or more instances of Ace Online. Tried the names that are shown on the window and in Task Manager, no luck. Using Win 10 by Spectre Ghost.


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Well, you didn't give any details as to what you are experiencing.

Even though I don't have ACE Online, I did download sandboxie and gave it a try with LaunchNet7 and E&B. And I did not have any problems with AC Tool v5.4.0/, or Divide, using SetActiveWindow to make them the active window. Below is the SetActiveWindow commands that I used in AC Tool and then again in Divide.

And since you did not specify how you started the game. I don't know if the way I started LaunchNet7, and then E&B, is different and if it may have any bearings on what you are experiencing.  So I'll tell you how I started LaunchNet7, and then through it E&B.

  1. Start > Sandboxie > Sandboxie Start Menu
  2. DeskTop > LaunchNet7


  1. Start > Sandboxie > SandBoxie Start Menu
  2. Programs > Net-7 Entertainment > EnB Emulator > LaunchNet7


AC Tool:

SetActiveWindow [#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#]

SetActiveWindow [#] Earth & Beyond [#]



SetActiveWindow('[#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#]');

SetActiveWindow('[#] Earth & Beyond [#]');


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Sorry about that, been a few very busy days with our foster child and meetings, I was frustrated and didn't compose my question properly.


Will sit down and read thru in the next day or so and see how I go.

Thanks for what you have done already.

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Rightclick on game icon and start in sandboxie.

Normal icon start.

setactivewindow [#] name [#]

move on screen.

setactivewindow name.

move on screen.

works well, thanks WABBIT. Once I sat down with a coffee and thought thru it with your examples, all works.

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Glad I was able to help.

On my end the Window Titles for all Sandboxed programs has the [#} prior to, and after, the program's default title. That is why I gave my examples.


But, there is another way and it might be better, depending on your situation. To Use SetActiveWindow to do a partial match of the window title.

In AC Tool can be used in the following was:

  1. SetActiveWindow FullWindowTitle
  2. SetActiveWindow PID
  3. SetActiveWindow PartialWindowTitle
  4. SetActiveWindow

1. Requires that you give the full window title. Just as move people do, because that is how its use is shown in the help file.

SetActiveWindow [#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#]

2. Requires that you give the Windows' PID number. Which can be obtained from Windows Task Manager or the the Window List, from AC Tool menu under Tools . Which means that the program/game has to be running prior to use running the script. In order for you to get its PID number.

SetActiveWindow 10960

3. With this version of SetActiveWindow, As long as the Window title's has the portion of text that you are using. Then that window will match and will be made the active window. This is a problem with this. Multiple of windows that contains the same portion of the window title. At which point the very first window that matches. Is the one that is set as the active window. Whether or not it is the window that you want as the active window.

In order to use the partial Window title search. Give the portion of the title that you are looking for, with an asterisk/star at the end.

SetActiveWindow LaunchNet7*

4. This does not have a Window Title or PID. And when executed will open the Window List window. Select the window title and then click on the OK button. This causes SetActiveWindow to use the PID for the window. NOTE: The use of the PID is for this particular SetActiveWindow instance. If you need to call SetActiveWindow at anytime after this one. Then you give the Window's PID number, or the Window's title full/partial.




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Looked at my macro that I tried first time (I save all examples, have a very big macro folder with sub folders) and I only used the # key, thought the square brackets was indicating what to type.

That was my error, soon as I read what you typed, I went looking for my test macro, and did the classic slap hand on forehead.

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