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Mail commands

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I need to send an email everytime an event is triggered. Tryed to right one but couldn't. Are those commands working?

my atempt:

    MAILBODY  day {day},  {hour} {minute}
MAILFROM xxx@gmail.com
MAILTO xxx@gmail.com
MAILSUBJECT bot:day {day},  {hour} {minute}
//MAILCC //person3@someplace.net
//MAILBCC //person4@someplace.com
MAILHOST smtp.gmail.com
MAILPORT 587//I tryed 25 and  465
SendText 13, Mail Sent!

it doens't stop, but the email was not sent


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Here is the information required to use GMail's SMTP servers: How To Use Google's SMTP Server

But, unfortunately even with following the above. Using AC Tool to send e-mail by GMail's SMTP servers will not work. AC Tool can not connect to a SMTP server using a secure connection, such as TLS/SSL as required by GMail's SMTP server. At the time that AC Tool was originally created. Connecting to a SMTP server using a secure connection was not requirement. Although there were many SMTP servers that were setup to require a secure connection. Most SMTP servers, at that time, did not require a secure connection.

So, unless you can find a FREE SMTP server that allows connections without using TLS/SSL. You will not be able to use AC Tool to send e-mails through GMail's SMTP server.


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