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Set random number of loops?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but I havent found my answer yet.

Im wondering if there is a way to set a random number of loops - say between 1 and 100 loops

I have a script that clicks two buttons with a random delay between but im not sure how to apply that to the loop condition.

This is what i have currently but would like to change to random loops as well

loop 200
keys `
 RandomInteger = 0
 Maxval = 0
 Minval = 0

SetConst Maxval = 800
Setconst Minval = 150

Compute RandomInteger = int(($Maxval - $Minval + 1) * rnd(1)) + $Minval
Delay $RandomInteger
keys 1

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There is/was something in the forums, Bear, I think, wrote a random loop generator script somewhere, I recall seeing it a while ago.

I will see if I can find it


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rnd = 0

Procedure RANDOM using LO, HI
Compute rnd = INT(($HI - $LO + 1) * rnd(1) + $LO)

Call RANDOM 10,200 //could be any minimum and maximum number range you wish.

loop $rnd
// do stuff

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