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Divide v0.4.2 Beta Released

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I have released Divide v0.4.2 beta. You can find it in the Downloads section.


01/03/2020 - 0.4.2
       ISSUE: ACTVersion was not returning the program version. Fixed.
       ISSUE: Found another memory leak. This one with in the code to retrieve
              the program version from the executable file. Fixed
       ISSUE: In a Multi-Monitor setup. MousePos, and DragTo, was not moving the
              mouse to any monitor left of and/or above of the Primary monitor,
              as defined in Windows Screen Resolution. FIXED.
       ADDED: RandomTurn - This is a script command that I had missed.
              What this command does is it turns your game character from
              90-400 degrees in a random direction. This helps to refresh
              your graphics display or keep the many pool active. Or help
              to keep the game thinking that you are active.
       ADDED: Started adding code necessary for Asheron's Call Decal/Companion.

     UPDATED: Updated the Help file to update the information on TWObject and
              TDivObject and how they are used. Make sure you read them.


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