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Asheron's Call emulator(s) and AC Tool/Divide

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Well, I have given it some time and I went and checked out the Asheron's Call emulator scene. And Although the server emulator PHAT is no longer being developed. ACEmulator is going strong and new emulator GDLEnhanced has come to the fold. With this I had spent some time testing AC Tool with ACEmulator. What I have found is that AC Tool v5.4.0 works with ACE. And yet AC Tool v5.4.0.4 and v5.5.1 do not work. The Companion in AC Tool v5.4.0.4 was updated by Phinus (I never received the source code for this version). The Companion in AC Tool v5.5.1 was updated with the last code that Phinus had sent to me (sometime prior to his releasing v5.4.04). There is another version of AC Tool that Phinus had released out into the wild. I do not have this version so I can not test it with ACEmulator. And I do not have the source code for it either.

From my limited testing AC Tool v5.4.0 as originally released works with a ACEmulator compiled with from the source downloaded from GitHub on 12-13-2019.

This is good news. For those that want to play Asheron's Call again. You can do so and use AC Tool v5.4.0 for all your scripting needs.

With that in mind I have opened up a Tutorial section in the forums. It has a tutorial on how to set up Asheron's Call to connection to any emulator server. And if you want to, how to setup your own private ACEmulator server.



I have also started adding the code needed to add Companion to Divide. But, this code is completely based on the AC Tool/Companion v5.4.0. And as such it may be outdated with regards to the currently available Decal, v2.9.7.5 a.k.a 3.0, for Asheron's Call. But, it is the only code that I have and that is working with Decal and ACEmulator. I hope to have a working version of Divide with Companion by the end of January 2020.


I want to ask the AC players out there, old and new, to go and give AC Tool v5.4.0 a really good test on the ACE servers. And tell me what problems/bugs you find.

Also, I really would like it if someone, anyone, that knows Phinus to contact him. And ask him to send to me the complete source code for the last working version of AC Tool/Companion that he has. I truly wish to add those changes he had made into AC Tool and add it to Divide. The last time I had heard from him, he had stated that he was going to send it to me. But, that was over 3 years ago. And I have not heard from him in my repeated attempts to contact him since.


So, I am working on adding Companion to Divide. So, give me some time to work it out.



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It does not look like you got much of a response to this.  I am still using ACTool v5.4.0 with the ACE Emulator on Coldeve.  My script exercises mostly Combat, movement with location detection within the world, Item manipulation and identification features.  Not so much stuff like vendors and trade windows.  The only real bug I have found is the one I mentioned several years ago in the post referenced below.

At one point many many years ago I used the http and IRC features and assume those all still work as I have not used them in probably 12+ years.

I am curious how your Divide work with AC Companion is progressing?  I would be interested in testing that once you are ready.  I am a long time AC Player and have written a few decal plugins of my own.  One in C++ and another in C#.  I took a Pascal class in school many many years ago and am certain I could still read it if needed.  I think I even have a copy of a recent version of Delphi somewhere on one of my machines from when I tried to recompile the V5.4.0 code.

Thanks for your work in keeping this alive!!



PS - I poked around on my server and found a copy of ACTool Companion source which has a lot of comments by Phinius.  It is pretty old though.  I have attached here in case it can be of any use to you.




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To respond to your post. I have been having working on getting the AC Tool Companion plugin to work with Decal v2.9.7.5 a.k.a. v3.0. Every time I take the original code from the AC Tool v5.4.0 release. And just compile it as a 32-bit dll in any version of Delphi newer than Delphi 7. Decal either is unable to load it. Or none of the Decal commands in AC Tool, or Divide, don't work. But, If I take the original actp.dll file from the v5.4.0 release of AC Tool/Companion. And use it with a limited build of Divide. The few Decal commands that I have in Divide, using the original code from AC Tool v5.4.0, work fine.

I've had to take time away from working on Companion for Divide. Until such time as I can find any information on how to create standalone Decal plugins. For which at this time I am not finding any information on. At the moment I can only find information of creating a plugin using that some plugin wrapper. Which AC Tool/Companion does not use.


Now, from my limited testing that I had done with AC Tool/Companion v5.4.0, as originally released, works fine with Decal v2.9.7.5 a.k.a. v3.0, ACEmulator and using the ThwargLauncher.

AC Tool/Companion v.5.5.1, has all of the complete code for Companion that Phinius had sent to me over 5+ years ago. This does not work at all. It has the same problems as I am having with getting Companion to work now. I don't know what version of Delphi Phinius was using at that time he was working on it. But, v5.5.1 was built with Delphi XE7.

As for Phinius' release of AC Tool, with all the updated Decal commands and everything. That he had released over on the Asheron's Call fan site. As I understand it was working with ACEmulator. But, I do not have this version, so I am unable to test it. And I do not have any code for that release. NONE!

And as I had stated I only have partial code for a version of Companion that he was working on. When he had last talked to me about his work on Companion and prior to his release of his version on the other site.




So, any insight or leads to information on creating Decal plugins would be helpful. And I would be very happy to receive it.


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