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Switching control to a different computer

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I currently use Input Director to switch control to a different computer/slave.  I can manually press the hotkey to switch to the slave and then execute key presses within AC Tools with no issues. 


However, when I try to to activate the Input Director slave hotkey within AC Tools, it does not work.  There has to be something with how Input Director captures the keypress to switch to the slave.


Does anyone have any experience with using Input Director to switch to a different computer?


Also taking suggestions on any other applications that switches control AND plays well with AC Tools.


Apologies if this is in the wrong forums.

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I had a problem when using a macro with a game I used to play with keystrokes. I tried everything I could think of to get the macro to work.


I ended up finding out after looking thru EnB macros for ideas, that I needed to add a delay when clicking the mouse of a few milliseconds,

A lot later, this year :) I found out what I did, is an actual command not mentioned in help files.


MouseClickDelay 100 is what I use in my EnB code now to register the mouse button click as I was getting some failures. 

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