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Help with Special Keystroke Left Alt +Z

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Using InputDirect which need to use Left Alt + Z as a hotkey.  I use AC-Tools with InputDirect alot and it works flawlessly with single keypresses. 


I've tried countless versions but can not get it to work. Each one below is an option that I've tried in procedures and it did not fire off the InputDirect hotkey action...


Keys @Z

Keys @ Z

Keys {@Z}

Keys {@ Z}

Alt - @Z

Alt - @ Z

Keys Alt - @Z

Keys Alt - @ Z

Keys {Alt - @Z}

Keys {Alt - @ Z}

Keys Alt - @{Z}

Keys Alt - @ {Z}

@ Keys {Z}

Alt - @ Keys {Z}


Nothing's worked.  Read the help section, on special keystrokes, and the few forum posts about them, and they all say that the first one should work.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  




Keys Alt - @Z

@ Keys {Z}

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Think this is an issue with Input Director itself and how it handles it's security for the hotkey to pass control to a different pc.


I did some further testing and changed the Input Director hotkey to switch to the slave computer, to Z.  It still didn't work.  I removed the code from the procedure to activate the Input Director hotkey to switch to the slave, and then used Keys {Z} for another action in E&B and it worked fine.


I also tried using SetActiveWindow Input Director before any attempts to launch the Input Director Slave hotkey and it wouldn't work.


So there has to be something with how Input Director captures the keypress for the Slave hotkey.  I tried searching the forums to see if anyone else uses AC Tools with Input Director, however, the search came up empty.


Do you have any advice on an application that plays well with AC Tools that switches control to a different computer?  I'll make a seperate post to see if anyone in the community has any suggestions.



That brings up an additional question that I have.  If you have multiple instances of E&B open for different accounts, is there any way to open a specific window/account?  Unfortunately, the captions for each one are the same.  They all say the same thing... Earth & Beyond.  Is there another way to distinguish a specific E&B window/account?

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This is what I use from





I use 1980 but 3 windows at 1280




As you can see, it can be changed to any position on screen.


Have you tried Teamviewer as a remote control, for private use it is free.

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The activewindow question was because I've been creating a few Quality of Life macros.  One of them is for the alts to join/rejoin the formation when you undock or go through gates like ABB's Accelerator Sphere gates or the Onorom Prison gates.


For now, I Input Director hotkey over to the alt pc and then alt+tab through each one and use the hotkey to join the formation.  I was hoping to just use any window-type commands in AC tools for any alts that aren't in formation and keep the code as minimal as possible.  However, the Net7MultiClientUnlocker will work.  I'll just set the screen positions so that an area of all 3 is always visible and clickable.


I'll also play around with TeamViewer.


Tyvm for the help Ego.

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I coded a 3 window macro for a term run from VT to Surti and back using 1 Grinder and 2 JDs for summon and RTS,

also coded a 3 window mining macro in Glenn using a Miner, a JD as defence and a Leecher that collects the Manes Essence. Includes a re-join group if killed and jumpstarted.


If all the avatars have the gates, even tho it looks like the ships get left behind, they don't from what I have tested, they all go thru the gate and the next gate. Have not tried thru the spheres in ABB or ABG.

But saying that, I have not made a travel macro. (Adds to list of things to try)


Now if you want a challenge, try to remake the travelmate program on the forums,  It doesn't use the extended wormholes or the old map site, it closed down, but enbmaps.de is up.

Would be a handy program to have. I tried to contact the original programmer, but over 3 years has never answered and I cannot program.





The macro below is what I use to log in my 3 avatars in 1280 x 800 windowed mode. The WABBIT, Bear and DaMOB helped with the code over the years, plus a few more whose code gave me ideas.

Hope it helps you.


(*** All my code is placed in a folder on C-Drive called EnB e.g. line 75   'execprogram C:\EnB\Net7MultiClientUnlocker.exe' ***)


As per the screens picture in my post above, you will need to create 3 layouts, as the code opens windows in the unlocker and moves the mouse to the required layout.(Line 88)

I named mine one, two and three. And I have 3 different macros to load 1, 2 or 3 avatars depending on what I am doing.



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