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wObject & CreateObject Question

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I've been struggling with wObject and CreateObject in 5.5.1 and ran across an unusual error while using the current proper syntax. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. I'd love a little input.
This code below works just fine:


  I = 0

wObject TestObject
  // Mandatory
  XCoord = 100	  // Coord for X axis.
  YCoord = 100	  // Coord for Y axis.
  XSize =  20	  // Size of the object, along the X axis.
  YSize =  20	  // Size of the object, along the Y axis.
  MinRed = 0	  // Minimum value for Red.
  MaxRed = 254	  // Maximum value for Red.
  MinGreen = 0	  // Minimum value for Green.
  MaxGreen = 254  // Maximum value for Green.
  MinBlue = 0	  // Minimum value for Blue.
  MaxBlue = 254	  // Maximum value for Blue.
  Sample = Half	  // All = Every Pixel, Half = Every Other Pixel.
  FileName = Definition.obj  // Name of file to place the object definition.
  // Optional
  Black = Yes     // Include true black pixels?  Yes, No
  SaveBMP = No 	  // Save a BMP of the object?  Yes, No
  UseObject = Yes //  After getting the object, do you want to use it?  Yes, No

ObjVar 20
CreateObject TestObject
Delay 1000
ISOBJECT TestObject AT 100, 100
	ShowMessage I = Confirmation, OK, Yes the Item is there.
	ShowMessage I = Warning, Cancel, No the Item is NOT there.


However if I change Line 26 from

CreateObject TestObject


CreateObject TestObject AT 100, 100

the entire macro breaks down and I get the error message:

Error: Object TestObject could not be found!
Module: TestWObject.mac Line 28

According to the latest patch notes, this should work (with any X,Y - too).


Input on possible solutions would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to dynamically create a testable Object. 



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I get the same thing. The WABBIT is away till May, so no time frame on when it will be looked at. Sorry I cannot help.

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