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5.5.1. Bugs, ETC.

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Cannot see any other posts about this. Today I was hunting for commands I used in 5.4.0. in 5.5.1. as I moved to the "new" version of ACTools recently.

and I could not find {return} in blue writing as in 5.4.0.


I looked thru the Command and Macros Window on the right and looked in Special Variables.


Noticed the { } brackets around the a but below no closing } bracket after the commands.

Removed a } bracket after a {return} command in a macro I opened with 5.5.1. and the word 'return' turned blue. I am about to run the code to see if it works without the closing } bracket.


Ok, the code will not run without the closing } bracket.


I ask if this is a bug as such, because I use the blue words as a guide when I'm hunting thru my code to find an area fast. No biggie, just something I just found.

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Okay, the {Return} is in the Command list Special Keys, right after {DEL}


And, I had already fixed the issue with the closing curly bracket. And uploaded in the post HERE.

So, if you have not already done so, you need to download the fixed commands.xml file from the mentioned post. and place it in the same directory as your 5.5.1 installation. And Yes, overwight the one there.



And for all special key and special constant keywords. The have to have a opening curly bracket and a closing curly bracket. Else they won't work or showup in their highlighted color.

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