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R U Nuts?

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In order to get abandonware, I have to


1) Find "Download" section.

2) Click "Donwload".

3) Get alerted that I gotta sign up first. Fine!

4) Get totally fkd up with image captcha AND "solve the anti-bot question"

5) After third try figured the email domain is not one you like

6) Register new gmail

7) Do step 4.

8) Wait for fking confirmation email!

9) Confirm!

10) Finally, sign up!

11) Go to downloads

12) "I'm UX retard, so now please read this forum topic" - FINE!!!

13) Thank God, I'm allowed to download this crap.


U kidding me? Jesus freaking christ, you definitely hate people. 

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Still trying to find abandonware relating to this site and you have no idea how many spam accounts try to log in and are deleted everyday.


And you then say "allowed to download this crap". What crap?


If you are referring to Actools, no-one is forcing/asking/requesting you to download anything. YOU are in control of what you do. 

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I signed up just to see if you're retarded or if the site is crappy.... I signed up on the 1st try and got the download after clicking the link.....


Want to know what my results were? Nah, I don't want to be rude.

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