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Divide Alpha Test

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Well, the development of Divide has in some ways gone faster than I had thought it would be and in some other ways slower than I had liked it to be. But, the development has gotten to where I can have some Alpha testing being done by others. But, understand Divide is not complete enough for possible release. There are many things for the UI that I still need to work on, to make it better than it already is. And other things I still need to work on for the scripting API.
So, in a few days time. I'll be opening up a new sub-forum for the testing of Divide. And only those that I pick to be the testers for divide will have access to this sub-forum. This sub-forum will for the posting of any information, questions, suggestions, and bug reports. Along with the receiving of the new builds of Divide as I fix things and get Divide closer to a state for Beta/Open Beta testing and possible release.
Now, there are a few people I would like to be my testers for Divide, if they are able and willing. So, IPA, DaMOB, and Bear would you guys be my main testers for Divide. I know that for two of you, you very seldom show up any more. So when I create the new sub-forum, you will already have access to it. And I'll leave it up to you to do any testing
But, I will still need about another two or three (2 or 3) people to help with the testing. So, those that wish to be a tester may leave a reply here as an application to that effect.
Please tell me what experience, if any, you have with Alpha/Beta testing you have with any software that is game and non-game related. And please list the software's name with approx dates you tested for the software.

  • Any programming experience. I am looking for some one that has experience in  programming in Delphi. But, any experience in C++ or Pascal will do.
  • Must have experience doing Alpha, and/or 1st Closed Beta, testing of software. Please list the name of the software along with the approx dates (like month and year) you where a tester. Even though Divide is mainly created for the scripting of games. It is not a game, and can be used for the scripting of non-gaming software. So, I really want someone that has experience in testing both non-gaming and gaming software.
  • OS version. ie Windows 7/8/8.1/10 .
  • OS bit version. ie 32-bit or 64-bit
  • You willingness to test Divide on any program or game that your fellow testers are testing it on. This is so that you can help verify the possibility of the bug reported.
  • Your acceptance that all bug reports will be performed in a specific outlined way. And any deviation from the outlined bug reporting will result in your removal from the testing.

Well, that is it. I'll post an update in a few days.


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I'm sorry for the long delay in getting an update posted. But, I have been trying to create some form of help file that goes over the changes in Divide from that of AC Tool. At the moment I have the information on how the commands are used within Divide. I'm just working on how the use of objects, variables, and datasets are within Divide. And I am also trying to find a decent, and free, place to link to for people to learn the basic way of Delphi programming. I am having problems finding such a place at this time.


As, soon as I get the help file done I'll post the Divide Alpha up in the test sub-forum for those to test.


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