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Question on Advance procedure use?

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 08:34 PM

This is a question mostly for the advance users of AC Tool (like Bear, DaMOD, and IPA). Do you, or have you ever used, the advanced procedure events in your scripts?
specifically the :
Procedure Test1 On WindowChange
Procedure Test1 On TIMEOUT
Procedure Test1 On Error

Or the undocumented ones:
Procedure Test 1 On STOP
Procedure Test 1 On IRCSTATE
The reason I ask is because I am having some problems coming up with a way to implement these advanced procedure events. I have been able to implement the other procedure events, ie. Every/When/On IRCSTATE, in Divide. (Though they are still a bit buggy and needs more testing and work.) But the On WindowChange/TimeOut/Error/Stop as implemented in AC Tool 5.5.1, and earlier. Requires a major change to the new scripting engine to implement them as is. And I am having trouble coming up with a way to implement them in Divide without having to do that.
So, I need your complete unbiased input on these procedure events. Either in their use or in a possible way to implement them.

Do the following before posting, or asking:

1) Read the AC Tool Help File.
2) Read the Release Notes, aka the README.TXT file, for any new information not in the AC Tool Help file.
3) Read through the AC Tool FAQ.
4) Try to code the script/macro you want.
5) Look at any of the script/macros posted on the forums. Use them as examples of what can be done for your game and script/macro.
6) If you are having problems, or don't know how to do something. Then search the AC Tool Support Forums.
7) If you still need help. Then post a new topic with complete detailed information, about what you are trying to do. And what is happening in the script/macro. Plz include your script/macro as outlined in the FAQ.

If you do not read the Help file or the readme.txt file. Then you will not learn how to create a script/macro.

If you do not search the forums. Then you will never now about the answer to your question/problem, that more than likely already exists.

If you do not post complete detailed information, with script/macro, as per the AC Tool FAQ. Then you are just wasting everyone's time.

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 10:49 AM

I did the on stop but never ircstate because irc was almost dead when Cam put that out and is really dead now.  Shoot, most people sub 30 do not even know what irc is, lol.

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