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An Updated Keys command

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okay, I have heard from a couple of people that the Keys command is not sending the switching keys, ie Shift, Alt, and Ctrl, And I have heard from those same people that it is a bug.


Well, after about 30min I have found that the Keys command is actually working as it is originally coded.


The switch keys:


Shift = ~

Alt = @

Ctrl = ^


If any of these three keys are used as part of the very first key to send, as in @F. You'd get the Alt-F key sent to the program/game. But, if you used any of these keys later on in your key string, as in: Sending the Alt-F key @F, Then they Alt-F key is not sent. Instead AC Tool would send both the @ and the F to the program/game.


The logic for the sending of keys specifically sends the Switch key only if the Switch key character is the very first one. All the other switch key characters are treated as their normal characters and sent as is.


So, if you must send to a game a series of keys that use a switch key. Then you must send them separately in multiple of Keys statements.




What you want it to be -


Keys @F@S  // To save a file from a program's File menu

Delay 5 sec

Keys TestFilename.txt{Enter}



What it has to be -


Keys @F   //

Keys @S   // To save a file from a program's File menu

Delay 5 sec

Keys TestFilename.txt{Enter}



I know that many of you think this is a bug. But, it truly is not a bug. If anything it is a shortsighted coding done by whom ever originally coded it, or updated the code.



Now with this in mind. I am going to make the Keys command work as many people expect it to work.

Of course this will only be implemented in Divide.

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