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Feature Request: ComBoot

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Requested by: Ego


ComBoot (Computer reboot) Not to be confused with "ReStart" Example 'TeamViewer', has the ability to remote reboot a computer and then run/reload TeamViewer to continue what a person was doing.

I would find this very handy if Divide could reboot computer and load its-self, as TeamViewer does, sometimes I need to reboot my computer to clear memory as EnB sometimes leaves parts of its program still running in background.(I could use ComBoot like ReStart)

 I use


(open the spoiler to see the code)

procedure taskkill 
  execprogram taskkill /IM net7proxy.exe /F 
  delay .5 sec 
  execprogram taskkill /IM LaunchNet7.exe /F 
  delay .5 sec 
  execprogram taskkill /IM client.exe /F 
  delay .5 sec


and I use restart to start the macro again, I believe it resets all constants back to first settings and restarts my counters. works well so far but this doesn't clear everything. Still get small glitches that rebooting computer fixes. Don't know if this can be incorporated, would be a nice feature IMO

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I'll look into this and I want other peoples input one this.
But, in the meantime look the following code over:

// This line is necessary to select the proper window
setactivewindow Earth & Beyond
delay 1 sec

call checkprocess
call killprocess

procedure checkprocess
    iswindow LaunchNet7 v2.2.0
        timestamp Found Process LaunchNet7.exe running
    iswindow Net7Proxy
        timestamp Found Process Net7Proxy.exe running
    iswindow Earth & Beyond
        timestamp Found Process Client.exe running

procedure killprocess
  execprogram taskkill /F /IM client.exe /T
  timestamp Killed Process Client.exe
  delay 5 sec
    iswindow Net7Proxy
        execprogram taskkill /F /IM Net7Proxy.exe /T
        timestamp Killed Process Net7Proxy.exe
        timestamp Did not find Process Net7Proxy.exe running.
    iswindow LaunchNet7
        execprogram taskkill /F /IM LaunchNet7.exe /T
        timestamp OK Killed Process LaunchNet7.exe
        timestamp Did not find Process LaunchNet7.exe running.

When you load the LaunchNet7.exe to run the game.  It runs the Net7Proxy as a child process. The Net7Proxy with then in turn run the Client.exe, the E&B game itself.
Once the Net7Proxy.exe is loading LaunchNet7.exe terminates. So, this process is no longer running by time the game is loading.
If you kill the Client task only, it forces the Net7Proxy.exe to close on its own. But, if you do not give it enough time, about 5-10 sec, from once you kill the Client.exe process. It will still show up as still running in Windows Task Manager.
So, the above code will first show, to you, what processes are running before it kills any of them.
Then it kills the Client.exe process, waits 5 seconds, then checks to see if the Net7Proxy.exe process is still running. If it is, it then kills it. Then last but not least, it checks to see if the LaunchNet7.exe is running, and it should not be at all, but if it is it then kills that process.
If you look at the taskkill command there is one extra parameter that you did not have, the /T, The /T kills the task that you want plus all its child processes that it creates/runs as well.
That should take care of you problem. Personally, I am not seeing anything from the game being left running in my tests.


Well, give it a try.

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Ego, here is what I have found about Teamspeak 3 and it's auto-restart from a system reboot.


Teamspeak does not have a single command that allows it to reboot the computer and the relaunch itself after the reboot. What Teamspeak has is a command that allows you to shutdown/reboot a server that Teamspeak is installed on.


Once the server has rebooted, you then have to log into the server and enter a command to restart Teamspeak. Now this can be done for you, but not by Teamspeak. This is done by creating a Cronjob in under Linux to process the command to launch Teamspeak once a reboot has taken place.


In other words, Teamspeak is being relaunched after reboot by a script.


You don't need a script to relaunch AC Tool in Windows.All you have to do is:


1. create a shortcut to launch AC Tool.

2. IF REQUIRED: add the script filename as a command line parameter to the shortcut target field.

3. IF REQUIRED: use the command line parameter 'Start' to to the shortcut target field. So as to start the script once AC Tool loads it.

4. move the shortcut to the Start Menu|All Programs|Startup


Then every time you reboot the computer, and have logged into the Windows account, AC Tool will launch. This is the same as what is being done for Teamspeak.


If, do some searching on the Net. you can find the commands that can be used to create a shortcut on the fly from within the Start Menu|All Programs|Startup folder. But, it requires that you use Windows Powershell commands from the command prompt. Which all can be done by the ExecProg command. Once you create the shortcut, reboot the system, wait for AC Tool to load up with a specific script, run the script. The have the script check for the existence of the shortcut and delete it when it is found.


Unfortunately, there is no way to automate the login into a Window Account.

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Thanks for the info, A big learning curve for me, used to think this box sitting on my desk was just for loading,  playing games and showing how bad my spelling is :)


Nothing like giving the grey matter a nudge.

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Additional Information:


With TeamSpeak you can access a remote system through TeamViewer. The TeamViewer is a Windows Service that is run in the background. It can be setup to automatically load up and run after Windows has been booted/rebooted. But, it requires an admin account login information to allow it to be launched and accessible to any remote system trying to connect to it.


The operative word here is, Windows Service. Programs that are a Windows Service are automatically loaded by windows, with proper credentials, and runs in the background even when not logged into a Windows account.


In my opinion, that is something that AC Tool, or even Divide, should not be.



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