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At this time I have done the programming for all of the general commands.And I have most of the advance general commands are done as well, in some form. Basically I used the original code from AC Tool 5.x to do this. There is only one set of Advance General commands that I have not got done. And that is the advance procedures:


Procedure procedurename Every time


Procedure procedurename When condition


Procedure procedurename On keyword


And as such I have not added in the ProcessMessages command, as it is used for the above procedures to run.


For these commands I'm going to have to go into the script engine's code and modify it to have some form of version of them. And, after spending weeks going over the code. It is going to be a very daunting task to do, if at all. I even went to the developer of the engine for advice on where to possibly begin such a task. And they stated that they recommended on not doing it because of hard it would be to implement them.


At the moment none of the internet commands (IRC, FTP, email) have been worked on, I'll eventually get to them.


I am currently currently going over the original code to find those general commands that are buggy, in the new version of Delphi, or just did not seem to work as they were supposed to. Suck as the various key commands.


So, it there is a problem with any of the general commands in AC Tool.  Please create a new thread, in this forum, telling me the command and the problem/bug, ONE COMMAND PER THREAD ONLY, And you must post in that thread complete detailed instructions that reproduces the problem/bug in its entirety.


In the mean time post your feature request(s) for Divide in this forum.

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