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New AC Tool forums Rules!

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Alright members of AC Tool Forums. I have made some changes to the forums rules. They mostly change some of the specific sub-forums. And they have been posted in each sub-forum.


If a sub-forum does not have a specific Rules topic posted in it. Then the original general rules, as created and used by Cam and the Moderators, apply to those forums.


But, here is the rundown on the new rules:


Forum Rules -


There are now separate sub-forums for the discussion of the creation of scripts. Any post requesting for the creation of a script is strictly forbidden.


There are now separate sub-forums for the announcement of the release of script. These sub-forums are also for the script authors to give any support of their scripts. So, any request by a user for any problem with a script must be made in these sub-forums. But, it is up to the author of the script if they are supporting that script or not. These are not for the posting of the script itself.


There are now requested information, outline in the pinned Rule posts in each of the Script Discussion and Script sub-forums, that a user must give when requesting for help with the creation of their script. Or requesting support for the script they are using.



Bumping of topics -


In the past the bumping of topics has been a ban-able offense. I have added a feature to allow the user to bump a topic that they have started. The bumping of a topic is restricted to a set number of topics bumped per time limit. I will not increase this number ever, so do not ask. You may now only bump a topic that you have created and only by the bump button shown on that topic when you view it.


Any bumping of any topics by way of a post where the post is obvious that the topic is being bumped, is still strictly forbidden. And a forum member can be banned for it.



Script Rules -


Releasing of scripts will now be by the following means only.


All scripts that is released for the use of the AC Tool forums members must be made in file form. All scripts will be uploaded to the Downloads section of the forums for members access. The script must now have a version number that is incremented each time a new/updated version is release. The script must now include instructions on how to setup and use the script. These instructions may either be as comments in the script itself or as a separate readme.txt file. The instructions also must state, plainly for the average user, whether the author will give support for the script.


When uploading the script to the Downloads section. All script descriptions must contain the following information:


The script name.

The script version number.

The game/program is it for (if not in a specific game/program download section).

Detailed description as to what the script does in the game/program.

Whether the author will give support for the script.


Once a new/updated script is uploaded to the Downloads section. The author must post an announcement of the release of the script in the appropriate Script sub-forum.



Modified Script Rules -


If a user modifies a script that was released on AC Tool Forums at any time in the past or future. Then that person must give full credit of the creation of the script to the original author. They must give complete detailed information as to what they modified. And they must give support for their modified version of the script, whether the original author is giving support for their own script or not.


If a person receives a modified version of a script released on AC Tool Forums. Then that person has to go back to the person that gave them the script for all of the support they need. Or if the author of the modified version of the script is using AC Tool forums. Then they may request support from that author in the appropriate sub-forum.



Sub-script/code Rules -


Authors releasing a sub-script/code must release their sub-script/code in the same manner as scripts. And the instructions must detail how the sub-script is setup and used in a script.


If any author of a script that uses any sub-script/code created by any other author in their scripts. Must give full credit to the original author of that script/code they are using. And they must use a Include statement to include the sub-script/code file to use the code. And when they release their script they must include the unmodified version of the sub-script/code file they are using.





These rules go into effect on February 12, 2017 at 6:30PM (UTC -7:00)


I request that all posts that have been made that includes released scripts. To be updated by the original posters and the scripts to be moved to the Downloads section as soon as possible. If after some time the scripts are not move, I will either move the scripts or delete them. (This is dependent on the members last access to the forums and whether or not there is any descriptive information on what the script is for.)  So, please do this yourself as soon as you can.  Thank you

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