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Final Fantasy XI Online Scripts Rules!

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The Final Fantasy XI Online Scripts sub-forum is for the you the script/macro author to announce the release of your script/macro and to give support for that script/macro.


To release a script here you must do the following:

  1. All scripts must have a version number.
  2. All scripts must include instructions on how to setup and use. They can be as comments in the script or a separate readme.txt file.
  3. All script's instructions must include whether or not you the author is going to support your script. This must be made very clear to the average user.
  4. The script must be uploaded, in file form, to the forums in the Downloads section.
  5. Once the script is uploaded, then you may announce it's release here.



To get script support you must do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the latest, unmodified, version of the script.
  2. Verify that you have setup and are using the script as instructed in its instructions.
  3. Make a new thread in this sub-forum stating the following:
  • The script you are using.
  • The script version that you are using.
  • Detailed information as to exact the problem you are having with the script.


NOTE: If you have received a modified version of a script that was released here. Then you must go get any and all support for the modified script from the user that gave it to you.


NOTE 2: If you have modified any script that you have downloaded from here. Then you are on your own. The original author of the script no longer has to give you any support for their script the moment you modified it.


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