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Asheron's Call Script Development Rules!

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The Asheron's Call Script Development sub-forum is for the discussion for the development of Asheron's Call game scripts/macros that YOU want  to make, or are making.


Any post not discussing the development of a Asheron's Call game script/macro will be deleted.


When requesting for help with the development of a script/macro that you are making. You must give the following information in your post.

  1. Complete detailed information of what you are trying to do in the game.
  2. Complete detailed information as to what your script/macro is actually doing.
  3. The script code that is attempting to do what you stated in #1 above.
  4. All supporting script code that you are using with the code in #3 above. This includes, but is not limited to, all procedures called by the code (if the code in #3 above is called by another procedure, then that procedure must be included as well), code that sets any constants used in the code, etc.
  5. Screenshots of any error messages.
  6. And if possible a small video clip showing the game doing what you want. And a second one showing what the script is doing.

Any post requesting help in the development of a script/macro that does not have any the above. Or does not give complete detailed information for #1 and/or #2 will be deleted.

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