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Thank you for coming to the new location for AC Tool website and forums. With this I have done some changes to the forums, as outlined below. So, I hope you like it and that you continue to come back for update information on AC Tool and Divide.


Changes to the Forums:


  • Added a new feature to the forums, the Downloads section. You will find it under the Downloads tab up top. This was added to give a central place for script developers to release their scripts. If you have already release a script through a topic in any the forums. Please go through and edit your post and move the script to the Downloads section.
  • All previous game specific forums have been renamed. They are now only for the discussion of creating scripts for the game. NOT for the posting of scripts for a game.
  • Add new forums for specific games. I added new forums for the announcement, and support, for script that the users have created for the specific games. Here the script developer will announce the release of their script in the Downloads sections. ALL SCRIPT SUPPORT/QUESTIONS FOR A SPECIFIC SCRIPT RELEASE WILL BE HANDLED IN IT'S ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD ONLY!!!!
  • Additional forums added. I have added more forums for the general use of the forums and users of AC Tool.
  • Added the ability for Topic creators to bump their topics. To do this you need to access your topic and click on the Bump This Topic button. There is no need to reply to your own thread just to bump it any more. Any member of the forums that does a 'bump' reply to their own thread will have their forums privileges removed for 30-days.
  • There will be new rules for the some of the forums. These rules will be as new threads in the individual forums they are for. ALL USERS MUST READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES OR RISK LOOSING THEIR FORUMS PRIVILEGES.

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