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Object Creation

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***** NOTE I have adjusted my Graphics Sliders in options fully to the right EXCEPT Gamma *****


To create an object, you need to find out where the object will be that you wish to use

I will use the loading screen as one example.

When the game (Earth and beyond) changes sectors, enters or leaves a station or planet a ‘loading’ screen appears which is the galaxy that EnB uses.

This is the code I use to register that loading screen.

Procedure Waitforsector
 Timestamp Wait For Sector
 Loop 20
   Timestamp loop 1
   IsObject 100 at 804, 1015
     Delay .5 sec
     Delay 1 sec
 Loop 50
   Timestamp loop 2
   IsObject 100 at 804, 1015
     Delay 1 sec
 Delay 7 seconds
Object 100   // Test at coords 804, 1015 Size: 10, 10 width x height

I use the loading screen to allow a module of code to continue to execute after the above code registers it is out of the loading screen. The module is in two parts.


The first part which is 20 loops, looks for the 100 at the bottom of the loading screen and when it finds it, breaks the loops cycle and runs the second part of the module.

The second part of the module which is 50 loops, looks at the 100 in the loading screen and when the loading screen finishes the code ‘breaks’ the loops cycle.

The 7 second delay before the module finishes allows your ship to settle in the next sector, be it entering or exiting a station, landing on a planet or just changing sectors.


Now you can hopefully understand how this piece of code works and next is to create the 100 object.


First thing you need to do is take a screenshot of the loading screen in action. I do this by using F12 which I changed from scroll lock (I prefer F12 for some reason.)

Load Object Viewer and Object Maker (included as an attachment called Objectfiles.)


Open C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\output or wherever your output file is on your computer and click on the loading screen picture.

Click on select, then select all, then copy.


Click on the object viewer (Called Paodas Object Mapper) and paste image from clipboard. Use the program to find the 100 at the middle bottom in the picture and create a square or rectangle around the 100 (your choice, can be any size, but the bigger the more chance of a failure to find the object.) Now look at the cords of the object (in my case, 804, 1015 and the size is 10 by 10.)


Open Object Maker and add the details into the macro (in this example you only need to change the XCoord, YCoord, XSize and YSize to what you created in the Object Viewer.)


Now the fun part, you need to be in the loading screen to make an object on the fly. You are doing this to create an object to your screen brightness and resolution.

To do this you use the 4 second delay in the beginning of the object maker macro.


Locate your ship OUTSIDE a station.


Start the object maker macro and soon as EnB screen opens, click enter station, the loading screen opens and hopefully a few seconds after, the object maker macro will create the object while the loading screen is open.


If you have done this correctly, you create a macro and add the object details that will be in a macro in your c drive called 100. By copy and pasting the code above into a blank macro, you change the data to what you just created, change the x and y coords and the name, if different, AND add to the top of the code


SetActiveWindow Earth & Beyond

Delay 4 sec

Call waitforsector


The code will run and when you are in a station or outside, or in another sector, the code should be finished 7 seconds after the loading screen closes. Check the log file in the macro to see if the timestamps show the loop number 1 and loop number 2. If the log displays a few loop numbers you have created a working object.


This is how I create all my objects (on the fly) by using screen shots to find the mouse positions and what I wish to use as an object. My object data at the bottom of my macros has where and what size I use in the object maker, to see where the object is created the mouse position can be looked at by creating a basic macro with


SetActiveWindow Earth & Beyond

Delay 4 sec

Mousepos xxx, yyy


To see where I have taken my starting point, for my object from, on the screen



wait for sector.zip

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