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AC Tool new Feature/Command request thread.

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 11:04 AM

Windows 10, lol.


Not gonna catch me on W10 as I still use W7 just fine though it is getting long in the tooth but I can still do without W10.  Maybe W11 if they get enough court cases on them like the one in CA they paid the woman 10k dollars for forcing her to upgrade without her consent.

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Posted 28 July 2016 - 01:53 PM



I agree, I do not use W10, nor did I use W8. I'm staying with W7 till Micro$ucks stops this BS about a Computer OS has to look and act the same as the OS they use in a tablet or smart phone.




@ mysticdrew


As for the AC Tool working better with W10. At the moment I don't think there is going to be such a thing, at least not completely. The current AC Tool is a 32bit program that requires the use of code, and third party components, that was implemented/created way back in the days of Borland Delphi 5. Some of which can no longer be gotten of hold of as they are no longer being developed/supported. While others are now a PAID for code/component that is too expensive for use in a single small project such as AC Tool. Now as to the code used in detection of pixel color or objects. As I had already stated this is not a AC Tool problem. As the code that is used is great for use on a OS that do not have Aero, or has Aero turned off.  The problem is that starting with Windows Vista (BOO, HISS, SCREAM, KILL) Micro$ucks had decided to add features that allow the windows to be semi-transparent, and a few other things to make them look snazzy. That is what Micro$ucks calls Aero. It is Aero that is causing all of the problems. While Aero is turned on, a behind the scenes program renders all graphical displays before sending it to the graphics card. (This is called the Desktop Windows Manager, dwm.exe.)  As such there is now a delay in the sending to and receiving from the graphics card by as little as 100's ms to as much as 1000's of ms. All calls to code that access the screen information goes through dwm.


With this in mind the code being used in AC Tool for all color and object tests. Is one that gets the individual pixel(s) from the screen to compare it/them. With Aero turned on and doing a small one pixel check there not much of a speed decrease, at least not one noticeable by most people.  But, once you start checking for more than a few pixels such a checking for an object, or running the same color check on a single pixel in rapid succession, then you will start to see major jumps in how long that test will take to complete.


I have looked into this over that past eight days. And I have found that there is a few ways that I might able to speed up the detection of objects in the game. But, there is no way to increase the speed of the single pixel color tests. (Especially those tests that are rapid repeating single pixel color tests.) None of the code that I have found have any speed increase benefits for single screen pixel access. NONE!


Now here is the rub. From what I am seeing of the code examples that I am finding. The object detection speed fix would require the use of API calls that were not available back in the days of Delphi prior to Delphi 2010. And at the moment the current source code for, and components used by, AC Tool would require more man hours to compile without any errors/warnings than it is worth. As such I have continued the working with AC Tool v5.x in Delphi 7 as I do not have to upgrade any of its code or components just to get it to compile in the newer versions of Delphi.


I will continue to look into this to see if I can get the object detection faster in a Windows OS newer than XP, but there is no guarantees. Yet I will make sure it that it gets into 'Divide'.


So, for those that have to use a rapid repeating single pixel test. You only have one choice if you want the fastes speed from AC Tool. And that is to turn off Aero.

Do the following before posting, or asking:

1) Read the AC Tool Help File.
2) Read the Release Notes, aka the README.TXT file, for any new information not in the AC Tool Help file.
3) Read through the AC Tool FAQ.
4) Try to code the script/macro you want.
5) Look at any of the script/macros posted on the forums. Use them as examples of what can be done for your game and script/macro.
6) If you are having problems, or don't know how to do something. Then search the AC Tool Support Forums.
7) If you still need help. Then post a new topic with complete detailed information, about what you are trying to do. And what is happening in the script/macro. Plz include your script/macro as outlined in the FAQ.

If you do not read the Help file or the readme.txt file. Then you will not learn how to create a script/macro.

If you do not search the forums. Then you will never now about the answer to your question/problem, that more than likely already exists.

If you do not post complete detailed information, with script/macro, as per the AC Tool FAQ. Then you are just wasting everyone's time.

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 07:02 PM

I came across a slight problem in-game, I needed to rightclick dragto to remove a stack of items but dragto is left click. Could LeftDragTo and RightDragTo be added?

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