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Earth and Beyond Emu Macros

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This topic is to allow Macro Developers to have a thread to place their macros in

I request that

Only Macros are placed in here Please

To keep the thread easy to read and hopefully allow a user to locate a macro they wish to 'test'

** 19 - Mar - 2014 **


** In the process of updated the macros  9th Dec 2018 88

**  Watch this space **




This macro below is the latest "NEW" macro for 1280 x 800 windowed mode.

No error protection, no restart, just a raw version for a member to modify.


This code will be used in a thread called Building a Macro for myself to show how to make changes.


SPS V0.1 1280.zip



12 Jan 2019.


Added latest version of Sommer to Prasad and back Macro.


SPS V3.1.zip





Charon V3.1.zip

Pluto v2.1.zip
Aragoth L50 v2.2.7.zip
Aragoth L75 V9.1.0.zip (Added 19 Nov 2013)
Pluto lvl 90 v1.1.zip

SomPrasad v1.4.4.zip
Gas Mining.zip
Combat Mining Roids V1.0.zip (Added 19 Nov 2013)

Joves building V3.0.zip
If anyone wishes to request help with their code or would like to thank those who put in the effort to make these please go here

If you wish to study how I have coded macros, go here

Myself and I'm guessing, just about every one else who has developed macros for this game, WILL NOT code a macro for you.
If you are looking for a way to get a macro built without attempting to build one yourself, FORGET IT. We will help with problems
that you have encountered, but thats all

Thanks for your understanding, and above all, have fun, it's only a game
Added 19th March 2014



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Friday October 28th 2011 : There is a Nav Point in AK's Gate at X:-0.17, Y:-43.32 that I didn't know about


Updated Macros to allow for the different nav point position in AK's Gate


I changed AK's Nav Point in Pluto Trade Run

IF you do not have it, the rest of the macros work fine, just grab the mousepos from the Complete Macro and change the position back in the Pluto Trade Run


from mousepos 283, 688 // Saturn Gate in AK's back to 229, 710


and mousepos 404, 640 // Pluto Gate in AK back to 463, 616


Seeing as I have had a few minor requests and complaints about some nav points, here are the macros as I use them, not combined, and with tweaks to MY computer and internet connection speed

Any problems or suggestions, let me know on the EnB Thread NOT this thread, this is for Macros Only














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Made this macro this afternoon with changes to the code I used on the original Sommer/Prasad/Sommer Run


I haven't tested it, but it looks sound. Compare it to the one above and you will see how I have changed the way I am coding now,

trying to use the least amount of objects. Remember to use 1680 Rez




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New Aragoth Macro 1680 x 1050

This code includes wormhole activation for a JE and hopefully avoids the mining jobs and clicks on the 6k Sat Jobs




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Earth and Beyond Multi Resolution Relogin Macro


Coded this little login macro. What it does is kills the programs running EnB, opens launchnet7.exe and loads your avatar then opens the game, checks for null items

If the code finds null items, it relogs back to character selection and reloads then checks again. I will, in the near future, use this in macros if frozen in terminals, loading screen or CTD


The EnB Window needs to be in top left corner for mouse positions to work, just drag it there before clicking on play. Looking at windows commands to force the EnB Window to

be placed top left on screen, studying Microsoft commands to find a way :)


Edit: Wabbit came up with a way for the EnB window to be placed in the same position. Included the .inc file in the zip file




Latest Version, includes 2 screen resolutions 1680 and 1440. Automaticly picks either, working on lower resolutions, cannot go higher

You will need to modify line 1 to where you place Wabbit's UMoveWindows.inc file


include G:\Users\32Bit\Desktop\Latest Code\UMoveWindow.inc


and you will need to modify line 53 to where your LaunchNet7.exe file is


execprogram G:\Program Files\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe



Hope someone finds a use for the code and uploads the macro. Would like to see an example using the log in code

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Created this little macro to log in 3 avatars in 1280 x 800 mode in different screen positions on 1920 x 1080 screen.


IF you understand what has been coded you can change the code to log 4 or more, but I do not so I have no need.



3ScreenLogin V1.0.zip

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As requested by a few players who asked about building for the numbers.


3 macros are included in the attachment.



Joves Device Build : 

A player must build the first item and have the components in first 3 spots in hold.

Coded with a lvl 3 device.


Joves Weapon Build :

A player must build the first item and have the components in first 3 spots in hold.

Coded with a lvl 1 Beam Weapon.


VT Engine Build: (In Aragoth Station)

A player must build the first item  and have the components in first 3 spots in hold.

Coded with a lvl 2 Engine.


While I ran these macros, I decided to pull down the build so I didn't need to code running to vendor to buy more.

As the items were ripped for their parts, the stacks lost a few per run, I was building more than 900 before I needed to buy some more to top back up to 240 in a stack.

So, 4 full stacks should be over 3500 builds, which covers all requirements for max (200%) builds.


Build Macros.zip

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