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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I've been having a weird problem with LoadRGB. I'm making a script for Gems of war (a match-3 game) which keeps matching gems until one of my four spells is ready and then casts one of the spells. The script is able to detect when a spell is ready because a picture changes entirely when it is ready to cast, so i constantly check the values with LoadRGB and override the normal script when the picture changes. Here's the weird thing, It works perfectly for two of the four spells, namely the top two in the screen. But the last two spells, even though the pictures change completely, keep outputting the exact same color values on every pixel (i've tried it on more than hundred pixels, all yield the same values).  Here's a screenshot of the game to clarify my problem:  The second picture which is circled in green does yield different values when the picture changes. The last one (which is circled red) does not output different values as you can see in my Notepad, even though those pictures are different. Does anyone have an idea how this is possible? My only theory is that for the last spell, LoadRGB somehow values the background instead of the picture itself. But that would be strange for several reasons, most of all that it does not do that for the spell/picture which is circled in green.
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