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Found 1 result

  1. Hey! I've used ACTool for a long time with only a limited amount of commands, so I had to get creative in order for things to work most of the time. I'm trying to get a bit better. I've successfully made a script which recognizes colors of gems in each of their possibly permutations which allow for a match. The thing is: It is still way less efficient than my really simple macro which just blindly matches the whole grid (8x8) in each of it's possibilities regardless of color by starting in the left/top corner and working down to the opposed corner horizontally and then vertically. Â I feel like my Object based script which takes color into account could be way better though. Have you got any tips for me? And more specifically: How could I turn this into a script which searches for any matching objects instead of one color at the time? Is that possible? This is what the game looks like (and below that I'll include my script): Â Â Edit: Sorry, didn't know that Tabs would disappear, will use spaces from now on. Â Â
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