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  1. Wow this worked so far. Maybe it should be made into a stickie with how to get it to work on the ACE Emulator Going to test a old macro from 2006 for salvaging once the server is up.
  2. New vesion release. http://www.rogueknights.org//salvagebot Change log; // Version 3.06 not released // 1: Added leaving and joining of general/trad/lfg channel to keep bot from spaming themif user has them check in chat tab.(removed in 3.10) // 2: Now sorts the return salvage by name so all items salvaged are return grouped for user. // 3: Added a 1 minute timer to the town gem use so bot won't open town portals on top of each other // 4: Added a 3 minute timer on portal summons. 2 seperate times so each portal has its own timer. // // Version 3.10 // 1: "COMBINE" command added so users can have bot combine if they choose after salvaging // Will combine work 6 and below. Work 7,8,9, and 10 seperate. // Sometime will not be full bags as its hard coded to 7 bags of work 6 or below even if its not a full bag. // Working on better logic to make so it will make full bags of work 6 and below. // 2: Added a TradeLog dataset that logs the start of the salvage trade proccess, return salvage, and combine salvage data. (Basic Info) // 3: Added a return greeting with statistacs // 4: Change the hard coded 24 items to accept to a variable # so you can accept as many items as your main pack can hold -1 for a working space.
  3. from your desktop goto START ----> RUN -----> type in "command" then click OK in that window type "format c:" answer "Y" to the question it askes you. You will have no more problems with game gaurd. Enjoy.
  4. Thanks Ipa thats what I tried and had no luck. Will try this some more this weekend and see what I can and can't do.
  5. Is there any way to bane armor through guid useing "castspell" on another toon? I can get the guid's via the trade window, just can't figure out how to cast the spell on the buffee. IE buffbot situations. Or will actool require the armor to be in inventory to be able to cast spells on it? Thanks
  6. Why you ask. Well I don't want to rely on any other forum for backups or control. It is easier for me to release the updates on my own forums. Finally, I can control and see who is downloading when I use my own forums.(if I so choose to limit access)
  7. Download For Salvagebot Salvage bot 3.0 for Asheron's Call TOD inital release. Development has ended on this script. I'll leave the last working release available for download.
  8. Thank you Ipa for your time. I believe I did that for a reassurance of the dataset being saved in case of a crash. I have changed it now to load at the start of the procedure call and save it at the end of the procedure. That did the trick, down to 4 sec now. Sometimes a fresh set of eye is all thats needed to see the problem. I narrowed it down to this part of the code as being the slowdown, just couldn't put my finger on where the slowdown was.
  9. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to make this part faster? Takes about 8 sec to proccess this portions of the script on 24 items. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// //This keeps our database pretty and clean even if the code isn't ////////////////////////////////////////////////// procedure removeinventory Call Dbg Clearing the dataset of items no longer in inventory that belong to users dsfilter salvageininventory LoadDecalInventory dsfirst dsinventory DSFilter DSInventory, NAME='Salvaged*' SetConst $itemstemp1 = DSInventory[GUID] DSCount DSInventory, $temp if $temp = 0 Call Dbg Inventory has no salvage in it. Remaking a new dataset file dsempty salvageininventory dssave salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage else Call Dbg Comparing dataset to inventory. dsload salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage dsfirst salvageininventory DSCount salvageininventory, $itemstemp3 DSCount salvageininventorytemp, $itemstemp2 setconst $endoffile = 0 if $itemstemp3 = $temp exit else if $temp = 0 dsempty salvageininventory dssave salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage else dsempty salvageininventorytemp dsfilter salvageininventory dsfirst salvageininventory while $endoffile <> $temp SetConst $removetemp1 = salvageininventory[GUID] select $removetemp1 if $removetemp1 = _selectedguid SetConst $removetemp3 = salvageininventory[NameGUID] SetConst $removetemp4 = salvageininventory[GUID] SetConst $removetemp5 = salvageininventory[Name] DSAppend salvageininventorytemp SetConst salvageininventorytemp[NameGUID] = $removetemp3 SetConst salvageininventorytemp[GUID] = $removetemp4 SetConst salvageininventorytemp[Name] = $removetemp5 DSPost salvageininventorytemp inc $endoffile select $wand dsnext salvageininventory else dsnext salvageininventory inc $endoffile select $wand end end end DSSave salvageininventorytemp, $filelocsalvage end end ////////////////////////////////////////////////// end ////////////////////////////////////////////////// //This looks at our inventory and adds any new bags of salvage to salvageininventory dataset ////////////////////////////////////////////////// procedure addtosavedataset Call Dbg Adding items to the dataset after salvageing if they were salvaged setconst $endoffile = 0 dsload salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage LoadDecalInventory dsfirst dsinventory DSFilter DSInventory, NAME='Salvaged*' DSCount DSInventory, $temp SetConst $field1 = DSInventory[GUID] while $endoffile <> $temp DSFilter salvageininventory, guid='$field1' dscount salvageininventory, $field2 if $field2 = 1 dsnext DSInventory SetConst $field1 = DSInventory[GUID] inc $endoffile else call addtoinventory dsnext DSInventory SetConst $field1 = DSInventory[GUID] inc $endoffile dsfirst salvageininventory end end Call Dbg Adding any items added to trade window that were not salvaged. setconst $endoffile = 0 dsload salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage dsfirst dstrade dscount dstrade, $temp SetConst $field1 = DStrade[GUID] while $endoffile <> $temp selectguid $field1 Call GetID _selectedGUID, 50 If $RetVal = 0 dsnext DStrade SetConst $field1 = DStrade[GUID] inc $endoffile else call addtoinventory dsnext DStrade SetConst $field1 = DStrade[GUID] inc $endoffile dsfirst salvageininventory end end setconst $endoffile = 0 ////////////////////////////////////////////////// end ////////////////////////////////////////////////// //generic add to salvage dataset procedure ////////////////////////////////////////////////// Procedure addtoinventory DSAppend salvageininventory SetConst salvageininventory[NameGUID] = $personguid SetConst salvageininventory[GUID] = $field1 setconst salvageininventory[Name] = $salvageuser DSPost salvageininventory dssave salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage dsload salvageininventory, $filelocsalvage ////////////////////////////////////////////////// end
  10. Trying to get a users weapon and shield guid. Copied and pasted the code from the faq found here: Selecting a player's shield/weapon However when I run it and just add a sendtext line I recieve: CONTAINER = 1342992114 Which would be the GUID of the user I selected. I tried a "DSSave CONTAINER, test.xml" and looked through the file, but I found more information than I knew what to do with in it. I did see in there the users weapon and shield. However after reading through the help file and posts I found to be relevent I could not find the answer. Anyone willing to teach me what I am doing incorrect, or send me to what commands I need to learn to use to accomplish this.( or a more indepth example. even if its a code snippet from a current macro)( I have looked at FNB Macro, but got lost in it and could not find the section with getting the guid's.) Runing dreaded beta decal actool 4.4.6 XP pro
  11. I have one thats almost finished. Current functinality is Summon Portal, Salvage items for user, and will imbue. Have to finish 3 things and will be releaseing the code. Item 1 is to code in the self buff rather than calling NB to do it, Add the tinkering part to it(should be easy, just some diffen't checks than the imbue's), and add the chance of success calculater.(this will be the hardest part). So with that said anyone got a tinker calc written in actool yet??
  12. OK I am using the dreaded beta decal and ac-tool 4.3.4 on XP Pro. The question I have is I'm trying to detect if the trade window is open or closed. If closed I need to have the constans and pluginvar cleared What I have is not working as expected. I'm hopeing there may be a easier way to do this than how I am. Currently it gets the guid of the person who opens the trade window and sets it as a constant. It however does not seem to clear this constant of there person who opened the trade window if the user closes the trade window before the user actually does something. Where have I gone wrong(other than beta decal). All other aspects of the script work flawlessly constants stddelay = 500 tradperson = 0 tradperson1 = tradeitemoneguid = none tradeitemtwoguid = 0 tradeitemthreeguid = 0 tradeitemone = tradeitemtwo = tradeitemthree = tradeitemonetype = tradeitemtwotype = tradeitemonename = tradeitemtwoname = looping = 1 timermin = 0 CurrentUser = CurrentTellText = Owner = LastHelpUser = LastHelp = 0 temp = 0 helpdelay = 30 WaitingTime = 0 tradeaddvalue = 0 begin = 0 itemtostart = end INCLUDE incUI.mac // This is the startup portion of the macro Call SetUI SetConst Owner = _myname ClearPluginVar _tradeperson mousepos $c1_x , $r1_y delay $stddelay LeftClick delay $stddelay setconst itemtostart = _selectedguid // This is the main process of the macro. It will just keep looping. While $looping = 1 If _combatstate <> 1 keys ` delay $stddelay Else End delay $stddelay ProcessMessages SetConst TRADPERSON = 0 select _tradeperson SetConst TRADPERSON = _selectedguid ClearPluginVar _selectedguid delay $stddelay delay 1 sec If $TRADPERSON <= 0 Else sendtext 6, woot got a id sendtext 6, $TRADPERSON TRADPERSON ID // this never seems to get reset delay $stddelay SetConst TRADPERSON1 = _tradeperson ClearPluginVar _tradeperson If $begin = 0 SayPaste @t $TRADPERSON1, Simple and easy.| 1 sec setconst begin = 1 Else End End call checktells end
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