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  1. Does anyone know where to access/play Asheron's Call. Remember reading a few years back some people had made their own servers?
  2. ooh, ooh, i know .. instead of the embedded if statement .. just have it call burden procedure .. duh bedtime, will test tomorrow
  3. i added a playernear log feature to what you copied here .. i'm get'n a line format error with my if _burden > $bmax .. i'm run'n d2.5.0.1 and act4.3.4 .. any ideas? or, can i not put an if statement inside of an if statement? constants bmax = 285 logoff = 1 end Procedure search If _playersnear > 1 setconst logoff = 0 | 500 sendtext 14, player approaches call log else setconst logoff = 1 If _burden > $bmax MousePos $Mainpack | 100 DragTo $MerchPos1 | 100 MousePos $MerchBuySellAll | 100 LeftClick | 500 Else sendtext 14, all clear mr sexy // massive spam of this fyi, cause i like the colors end end end procedure log keys ~{esc} end ////////////// while $logoff = 1 call search end
  4. Haus Logger i gave up on try'n to use the loaddecalworld and the dataset filters .. i'm what you call a tempermental person .. the example given was inadequate for me because i don't know what "f1d1=integer // the f" means or stands for and i still couldn't get the selectnext command to work .. so, if you want an EXTREMELY simple log off detection script for ACTool, this is the one you want to use .. and, since it doesn't detect until they get on radar .. this doesn't work well in dungeons cause as we all know, you can select someone inside a dungeon without being on radar .. and since i can't figure out the setup for select and select next with the loaddecalworld/dataset parameters .. this is as far as i can currently go knock yourself out any suggestions/comments/flames on how to use/improve are greatly appreciated
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