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  1. The starbase reset direction can be changed, but the location of the reset is hard coded for each room in the starbase. I did try reseting memory before docking(Didn't work), but tried and couldn't lock down a memory address for landing in middle core-door. Someone must have found memory address for x,y, z; but you'd have to ask them. Does that location only work outside the dock? or Both?
  2. Thanks!!! Wabbit!! That's much more than I had... Now just missing my builder and mining programs. 3.2 much better than my 1.55 If my code still works; It got rid of turning all together by using star-base reset command. All I needed to do was move forward. Even if screen size changes the Walkin Code should be good. Walkout wasn't quite as good, but pretty full proof nothing which required accuracy when turning. Long winded History of Starbase reset: (From what I know) So the purpose of my code was make it into the next room by moving forward. Then use Reset to point me in the right direction to get to the next room or terminal by only moving forward. Then use it again to get out of the Star Base only by moving forward and turns required no real accuracy but getting to next room. Best I could ever find with memory addresses. I did try finding more memory locations but didn't have much luck. The only thing found was the two memory locations which changed every time you use the command (Number also changed when entering a Star Base) One person figured out that if you set them both to 0 it would be a dependable direction. I found if you change second number of the first memory location direction could change and only stepped by one. The starbase reset direction can be changed, but the location of the reset is hard coded for each room in the starbase. If you keep using starbase reset after setting them to 0. You could find dependable direction by counting how many starbase resets you needed in a row to be pointing in the right direction (87 high score) I used that SBReset Finder as a way to make it easier to find if you got the count slightly wrong and you could hone in on exactly which # you wanted. In general you'd never have to turn just move forward for X seconds. Maybe a turn to get into the next room while stuck on corner, but nothing else. The best I could do with the Memory Hack, never did find the X, Y, Z memory locations. Or anything else useful...
  3. So what are all the odd A's about in the old posts? (I think maybe they are Tab's) If anyone has my Macro Zip pack please post to me. Charon L50 V2.2.2[155].mac
  4. So I was asked how the SBReset call worked recently; I managed to find one of my 20 Scripts. Really wish I could find the rest of my Scripts, but I did find this one. I had one for all of them. Basically the process for me was to use 0 in the call. Then use /Starbase Reset command until I find the one that points in the right direction. So it takes 5 resets to point the right way. So then I'd replace the 0 with 4 or 5 (Can't remember if it's minus one or not, but if my memory is right it may be minus 1) Honestly I haven't played in a long time, and I'm not sure if this still works. Stupid me... wish I had not lost that data. Charon L50 V2.2.2[155].mac
  5. So I have been thinking about EnB since the other day an EA Executive said he didn't know why the customers thought of them as Evil (Bad in his words). A lot of my old code seems to have gotten deleted when I was here last I could have sworn I posted my latest batch of macro's. I had saved the zip file at on Hotmail, but I guess it was deleted. Anyone have a starting point for me of my old code? Goodness. I had it working on my laptop last time I saw it, but that was years ago. I even had an EXE file which would restart game & then ACTools when the game crashed.
  6. Interesting... I've never played it, kind of busy with Earth and Beyond. I personally don't know Java well enough to help, teacher of that class kind of turned me off Java as a general statement. Good luck with your endeavor.
  7. LOL I'm in the computer field... if I'm not going back to school I'm dead. I keep up with a lot, but there is always more you haven't learned. Â Yeah I must have missed it... it's pretty close to how I use to write. Now that I'm done with my new macro I'm glad I didn't go back to those ways... Main reason being is having the issue I've seen with a lot of DockToDock calls... When if you have it in a proper loop and checks you don't need to plot out multiple paths... just set a flag for JE or RD faction routes and put them in one loop. Â I'm writing a good sample soon I plan to share... not the best route, but it has a cool feature of using a JE Slave. Using Auto-It for the Alt Tab command seeing how we can't use Alt-Tab in AC Tools. Plan to have it working fairly soon, just worked up the Worm Hole Routine, but have school work to do which is delaying me a bit. (99% crash recovery, although last night I only crashed 2x.) Â The best part is that the Job Pack is fairly easy for regulars here to customize and make their own macros with very few changes to Pack. I don't have Pack in another resolution yet either which I plan, so it'll fit older/laptop monitors easier. Â Anyhow... going to go look @ that one guys post. No idea what he's speaking about.
  8. Cam posted one that was very close to my original macro's... in one of the posts. Honestly haven't really looked thru it, but was happy to find it. Had the memory stuff stripped out, but besides that it was close. Arx Yamir - VT trade run. I actually started to use Location like I did in that program, but then decided to go another route.
  9. OMG This has as close to one of my originals as I've seen.... SWEET...
  10. Like forever or just a week or something? Â BTW They are totally watching me... guess I shouldn't have stayed with the same name. I did get reboot working and all. Even my little pretty Macro starter Exe file. Â Honestly I know they are watching my toon because where-ever I seem to do jobs at the jobs miraculously change in one way or the other. Adding new jobs isn't a bad thing. They aren't jobs I'd personally want to run or they are too much hassle to add to my current run even though they are on the way. Â Good way for them to play it... Pluto has more jobs available and I just modify my macro slightly and every one is happy. And the new jobs are like 100 more XP and normally closer. I enjoy the challenge of making macro's... honestly most of the contributors here spend as much time programming as running the macro anyhow. Might enjoy the fruits of my labor a little, but always attended. (Watching TV) Â LOL One Developer did send me a tell, asking if I were there and I said Yes; as long as you're there all is well. blah blah blah.... you were Macroing right? Stupid me said yes... LOL. At least I'm honest. And that was when I first started maco'in had not even completed a rough draft of my current macro. Messed up by not using cursor to tell me when test was over, used tells instead.
  11. Â Hey crazyd, do you still have my trade script from way back when? Â If you do, just look over the code that I have in the util.inc file. look for procedures: WriteSettings and ReadSettings, look towards the bottom the script file. (There is also procedures on writing to and reading from the registry. The procedures for them is in about the same area as the two above.) But, remember if you plan to use forms to display the settings in your config file. Then AC Tool will not be able to do that. This is because the forms are created at the time the script is first begun to run. It is populated with all the information that is going to be displayed throught the use of the script. This of course will take place before you even have a chance to read the config file. (I was working on making this work, and had it about 93% done. Then the really bad man came and, and, and ... ) Â Â And what? You get hit with ugly 3 letter word? Not sure if I have it. Are you talking about the one that unpacks itself if you have the old version of AC Tools installed? I might have a copy of that somewhere if I didn't auto-delete the thing. *Shakes Head* Don't believe I did that.
  12. Now just to get my little Applet working to start AC Tools once I create the Trigger file. I thought that would have been easier, but it seems I forgot as much about AutoIT as I did about ACTools. I did have backups of my stuff, but I lost every current version with exception of what I was currently working on and open creating that stupid thing. ** Got really tired and wouldn't quit and forgot to put a file name after delete command so it erased the entire directory. Â Thank goodness I had just sent a copy to someone. Figured someone should get a laugh out of it... I certainly didn't at the time. Now I've recovered I'm much less upset at myself. Guess I got cocky I had gotten so far with my Job Run Macro.... /sigh.
  13. Â DaMOB suggesting might work, but I would not know for sure. Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll add it to me TODO list for added commands. Â Here is the command dos command you are looking for: Â actool -start macro_name.mac hope that helps you crazyd. Â Â The DOS Command helps me a LOT!! first of all.... If you do have a 'ToDo' list... and if I could ask one thing. I really would like a @ScriptDir type command it is just so useful when reading or writing files. Â Thank YOU DaMOB Works BEAUTIFUL... didn't want to upload a config file... would have seemed really tacky . And just had a thought... Script Directory somewhere I just didn't know about? I know the FIleExists wasn't in help...
  14. Sorry... was tired @ the time... and getting frustrated. I figured out almost everything.
  15. This started out by an issue I'm having:  I got an interesting question... So I can't use the macro to reload EnB because then it uses new Starbase Reset base - 0 is no longer 0... however I can launch and quit EnB if the game crashes. Now how do I remotely trigger it to restart the macro once it ends properly. Use another Macro to remotely trigger starting the macro... hrm... any one have a clue?  It's got to completely stop I think in order to free up the memory hack. Then you can restart the game and Starbase Reset 0 is back to normal. I had the program detecting and know when EnB had crashed, and getting it to restart wasn't the issue. First I needed to create a config file to load variables needed to launch the Macro again... Done  Code: Constructs Config =List end Procedure CreateConfig ListAdd Config, $UserName ListAdd Config, $PassWord ListAdd Config, $NumRuns ListSave Config, $PathandFileName End Procedure LoadConfig ListLoad Config, $PathandFileName SetConst $UserName = Config[1] SetConst $PassWord = Config[2] SetConst $NumRuns = Config[3] End  The last 2 things I need to figure out are: I would like a way to check if a file exists without throwing an error. (Or to catch that error) Next I would like a way to start or load a macro into ACTool thru Dos command. Any help here is appreciated Thank You...
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