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  1. It was down with the internal error, then it was up, then the next day was down, and stayed down until you fixed it.
  2. You can't if I remember correctly as I ran into this issue as well and I had to make my own backend for ACTool. Eventually I eliminated ACTool, and went completely with my program, but this was about 15 years ago now.
  3. Just to give an update about this and that is they finally gave me back my DDO account one month after the special was out. I just got my LOTRO account today though I was told that every single last character I have are on dead servers, and they can't figure out how to transfer them, but the account is back. What did they do for both? Something they should have done from the first reply to them of mine...reset the password manually. That is what I asked for them to do almost three months ago now. Oh, well I moved on, and I am currently playing Black Desert Online which isn't bad. Too bad they just were so inept that it took them 3 months to finally do what they should have at the start since everything to confirm all info of mine, and my characters/login names, were given to them on the initial ticket I sent.
  4. Well, after going on Reddit the game is in a horrible mess, and the devs do not listen. They refuse to fix bugs etc... I figured as much considering how they are ignoring this issue. No big deal as I was already gone so best to stay gone.
  5. Funny enough I asked the various forums for the games and I felt like I walked into a Stockholm Syndrome convention. I was either ignored, or if someone spoke to me it was to tell me to just make a new account since nothing I had would be viable today. I write back that I am a freemium account as I actually paid for content, and purchased the DVDs for Lotro. No reply back.
  6. They seem to be ignoring me now. I submitted another ticket asking them, and letting them know it had been since last Friday when they last responded to me about this, when will this be fixed? I bet the games must be riddled with bugs and worthless devs if this is an indication of their prowess.
  7. I was about to go revisit DDO, and Lotro, last month when I needed my password reset to find out this is a pretty inept company. Been working back and forth with them for ten days to get their system to email me a password recovery. Now here is the funny part I have had the system email me my usernames for two accounts BUT it took 3-10 days for it to happen. I even had it email me for a recovery only I put in my new password twice, then it accepts it, only it still says it is invalid. I received an email from support that I am all fixed on Friday and here are the links. NOPE, same exact issue of waiting for my emails so I used the old reset pw email, and it took it again though it would not allow me to login. I updated my ticket with this info. I wonder are they this inept OR are they trying to keep me from getting all expansions/DLC for free (besides the ones I already own)? Now I am rethinking about returning because either of those being the case I can only imagine what the game world must be like with bugs.
  8. Not I but the ones I used to know about the owners (private servers) were shut down as time went on.
  9. If a bot that means it made it past the captcha but more than likely a moron whose sole job is to spam sites for pennies per day to feed their family. I mean rat meat isn't cheap in some countries.
  10. Back up and their modem is in bridge mode. The new antennas didn't help much but in the house they helped a lot. Funny but I must have created a side lobe by doing two new antennas and one old antenna in the middle on the Wi-Fi router as I watched the -dBi get better doing it in that way only (I tried all variations) and with two more new ones on the wifi dongle I am getting 72mbps strong instead of 54mbs (not sure why the meter app maxes at 72 but it shows it worked).
  11. I am finally released from the digital Gulag with time off for good behavior, and my new service will be here next week and my new antennas will be as well and now I will not really need them THOUGH my public wifi went from 5 hotspots to 2 and those 2 are -70dBi, or worse, on a clear day so none too soon for me. This is one month early and while it is only 15 down and 2 up I just hope it works (I really need 25 down and 3-5 up but Comcast charges for that (as in twice as much plus a ton of taxes on top).
  12. I am using a 1hr pass via Xfinity wifi on demand. It is free for 1hour per month and I needed some programs upgraded so I had no choice. Lucky I could connect because the signal is very weak and I had to grab a better antenna. Anyway I will get my Internet sometime in January as they are forcing me to wait 90 days. Just keeping you in the loop.
  13. All has been cut off and as of Midnight will go. 90 days of no TV and no Internet, phew.
  14. I am about to leave the Internet for a few months as Comcast jacked my pricing up so much this year that I have to be gone for 90 days to get the new customer deals but when I get back I am planning on getting a 3600 or a 3700 which, even the 3600 is almost twice as fast as my 1600 so a 3700 will be even better, but past the 3700 the price to performance ratio is just below what I am willing to accept. Great chips but the sweetest spot is the 3600 and the 3700 is the next one but adds two more cores and four more threads.
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