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  1. Must be new features for this version. I will give that a shot now.
  2. If only I could make the background a solid dark color. Deflection sort of looks like a Kindergarten/Fisher Price type theme to me due to the colors used and the general layout used.
  3. My whole forum is lit up again.
  4. Man, this is so depressing and I wish Mystic Drew could find it but something on the server is just not right.
  5. Happening again. There is a bug on this site that goes beyond Drew to fix and is as annoying AF.
  6. Yes, and it was the motherboard as well costing me so many BSOD. I got a new video card, motherboard, and NvME.  I run a Ryzen 1600 at 3.8ghz at 31c idle on the new board (old board I could barely do 3.1ghz @46c because it demanded so much current). Drive is 500gb Western Digital Black NvME. Video Card is a GTX1060 6gb. Oh, and the new board I even was able to O/C my ram so 3200 16-18-18-18-36 is now 14-14-14-14-32 for a few months now.
  7. Problem is it will all go dark when I have read them all or tell it to mark all as read which is perfect BUT then, over hours, or days, or even a couple of weeks, they all slowly come back as if I had never read them.
  8. I had left this site in disgust over this so after a few months I came back and I see the damn issue is still here. Â Not happy.
  9. He is fucking retarded OR is one of the people running bots and can't spam the system so is mad.
  10. As long as it holds me over until Aug/Sept when the prices should drop to make room for the next gen cards AND these damn BSODs stop.
  11. I just had a BSOD and it was driver related so I used DDU and when I rebooted I was back in 1920x1200 and hardware acceleration in everything. Pretty sweet for a decade old card but I lost the AMD control panel but no loss in this case.
  12. Well, funny enough for mining AMD is the better choice for the ones that caused this gouging to begin. Â http://jkcrypto.com/amd-mining-vs-nvidia-mining/
  13. Five years ago I purchased my 7870 video card (almost to the day You purchased this item on June 27, 2013) and on Sunday it up and died on me where no videos could be watched and BSOD after BSOD. So, here I am with a dead 7870 and using a 4830 in W10 which means I have no drivers for it (last driver made for a 4830 is for Windows 8.0) and you would be surprised how much of a Windows system off loads a lot of work to the video card so it isn't just video games and videos. What sucks beyond everything being in software render mode (including Windows itself) is that I went from 1920x1200 to 1280x960 so everything is so big it is like I am using a Fisher Price computer now. I am used to buying vid cards that are 2nd from top of the line, top of the third of the line, for 200-250 (average 225) so no way am I going to spend 800 dollars for a card barely able to beat out the 7870 and I waited for a whole year (this Ryzen 1600 I built in June 2017) as more and more BSODs happened and finally card prices started to come down but 350 for what should be a 225 dollar card is not happening. GDDR6 manufacturing has ramped up at Micron and news is new vid cards are due Aug/Sept but I wonder for how much? No, matter because I hope this 4830 continues to roll on until I upgrade at a decent price not the BS they have had for a year now.
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