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  1. and 1 p is normal behavior? i imagine holding the keydown would produce more p's but if it doesn't then maybe that should be noted. yeah let's blame it on 4 separate computers with windows 10 experiencing the issue, it's not the program's fault, it's the computer. since one PC with a modded OS and several virtual machines is enough testing to disregard any other reports from users who show video of the bug
  2. yeah that's another thing about devs is their inability to recognize context clues. it's like u need to spell it out for them, they can figure out all this intricate stuff but incapable of basic simple stuff, u want me to wipe your ass for your too? figure it out instead of taking everything literal. if multiple people complain about freezing, whether it's the entire PC screen or partially such as the window, taskbar, or program then learn how some context clues but nope, i think most devs are prima donnas or autistic or something with their inability to grasp basic stuff. they also have a hard time understanding analogies. i bring up right clicking because it's common usage. same with the keydown function, whats the point of everything else working if the most important shit is malfunctioning? instead of investigating it you stay in denial and cough up a bunch of tech jargon to cover up your failures and flaws. fix yo shit. if i was to develop a program, i would be debugging and testing the hell out of it. especially if a flagship feature isn't working properly with numerous users. with you you'll dismiss something for 3 years because you're too inept to investigate it i aint about to read all that pointless crap you posted. less time arguing over stupid shit, and maybe u can get something done. i addressed the issue already, it's on you if u want to investigate it or not but i aint about to bicker back and forth over u over meaningless stupid shit thats why a lot of devs dont get shit done cuz they too busy thinking about dumb shit all day instead of doing the damn thing
  3. did yours show multiple P's after it was held down for 3 sec? or did it just show 1 p. I tested your script and it doesn't freeze up on mine, however when i extend it longer it does. can you try setting it to 13 sec. Also mines show 1 p. I also tried the keydown script in a ps1 emu called duckstation and it froze up there even when it's only 3 seconds
  4. the keyrate script above still causes my windows to halt when keydown is called sadly. does the script pause on notepad for you? the wabbit mentioned something about it not working properly with notepad. so try it on notepad and let me know if it pauses the window where it says "Not responding" on your end too. narrowing it down and and pinpointing the issue is how to get to the bottom of things. it's not so much for me, it's for everybody else. even if i'm capable of solving it or finding a workaround, my way of thinking is more about how the tool works out the box for others. it'll be like if someone is annoyed that youtube removed the dislike button and they're told that they can simply bring it back by using an extension. sure i'm capable of bringing it back but most people arent going to be installing extensions and youtube knows that. i got a playstation classic and i modded it with Project Eris and Autobleem which is a mod that lets us put retroarch on there, and on default the video driver is set to Glcore instead of GL, and i tell those guys they should set it to GL because it makes psp and dreamcast games run so much better. But they dont and it annoys me when i see people playing it on youtube with reduced frame rate and slowdown, even though i know i can do it i'm more thinking in terms of the product and first impressions because the average person isn't going to be tinkering with that stuff, usually you only have about a 15 minute window of someone trying or playing something before thy decide to uninstall it and move on to a alternative. it's like how when the PS2 came out and people were annoyed that it only had 2 controller ports, many people on the forums told them to simply get a multi-tap. problem solved. but is it really solved? Game companies know that the average user isn't going to buy extra peripherals or add-ons, so what ended up happening is we hardly saw any 4 player games developed for the PS2 when compared to the n64, dreamcast, and gamecube. it'll be like someone saying, if u dont like either of the two candidates, simply vote third party, simple, there problem solved. but is it really though? so yeah i can probably install/reinstall drivers and optimize my system to get it working properly, anyone is capable of learning or doing anything if they're willing to devote a great deal of time and effort. i just dont think the keydown feature should require this much effort when it should be a flagship feature so i'm putting it out there more to get it fixed cuz clearly it hasn't if people from 2020 addressed it and people on the site still dismiss it and dont wanna acknowledge it being a issue
  5. have you tried it on vanilla windows 10 and not the stripped down GhostSpectre Pro Version you have? like i said, when testing things sometimes you gotta bring it down to everyday people stuff and not old beta versions or a modded version of something because 98% of the world uses the current version of windows 10. i tried running your script and nothing happens. again, gotta bring it down to the average person's mindset and simplify things. i notice some devs have this tendency to overcomplicate the most simplest things. if the user previously mentions that "Keydown d 2 sec Lags my computer", isn't that all the info you need to know? yes it's a super tiny snippet of code, but sometimes the simplest thing is all you need to know and his small snippet of code actually runs albeit it locks up the PC when the keydown command is called, but it actually runs whereas your intricate code will appear like tech jargon that the average user will have trouble making heads or tails out of and when they try to run it, it doesn't execute anything unless more code is required for it to run. and i think this is the disconnect between common users and power users, maybe it's because i speak their language that i instantly understood what he meant when he said Keydown d 2 sec Lags his computer. when you guys said you have no clue what he's talking about, if you were offered a million dollars to figure out what he's talking about would you be willing to figure it out then? if so then it's not a matter of if you were capable of figuring it out, it's whether or not you felt it was worth it to investigate it, that's all. if someone truly care enough about a project they would be willing to dig up clues and experiment with it. since i care enough about it i actually went ahead and tested it on different computers and programs. I recently tested the keydown function on retroarch and it locks up my PC whenever the keydown is called upon. I really dont think this is normal behavior because i dont recall the keydown function freezing my PC in the past. i could have ACtool running in the background and it never halt my PC until the keydown seconds expire like this. As for using actool, i figured out a solution days ago with the use of the leftmousedown command. nothing elaborate. i'm mainly reporting the issue now because i would like to see it fixed in the future.
  6. here's the other thread i read having the same issue: That's odd that it works on your end, I've tried it on 3 different laptops, my Alienware 15 R3, Aspire 5, chromebook with windows 10 and it all has the same issue. I do have a desktop with Windows 7 but it's not plugged in. I'll test it on there later, pretty sure it'll work on that. I also uploaded a new video showing the issue as well as the leftmousedown workaround i did: Sometimes you may have to put yourself in the mindset of a beginner who is absolutely new to installing this. I've noticed that those who are experienced at something may optimize or configure settings that the average person may not do. As for my script, a few days ago I downloaded ACTool_v5511 to help me out in performing something in a game, I haven't used Actool in maybe 3 years so I was going to write it from scratch. before I did anything i did a simple test to make sure it works: SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call delay 2 sec keydown {RIGHT} 8 sec my idea was to write a script to control two players by having 1 perform a dunk while the other swipe the ball to steal it, then I control one of the players to complete the alley oop glitch. To perform a dunk a player need to hold down turbo, then run towards the basket and press the shoot button. Since the keydown function didn't work at all I didn't really think it was necessary to try and write a elaborate script. So what I ended up doing was using two controllers who control player 1 and 3 manually, and I configure player 4's turbo on my left trigger button, and I use ACtool to make player 4 (naruto) move left and then press the shoot button which i assigned to the key P. and this is the script I used: delay 1 sec MousePos 1474, 446 delay 100 LeftMouseDown 1 sec delay 300 keys pppppppppp delay 300 LeftMouseup it took some practice but after a few hours I eventually figured out a formation to line up the players and get the trick shot to land. So at the moment I'm not in need of Actool, but in the future I would like the keydown function to work properly on my computer.
  7. regardless of what game it is the keydown function isn't working and causes Windows to pause. isn't that what development is all about? users submit issues and developers look to fixing it instead of dismissing it if they truly care enough about their project. i imagine the keydown function is common usage. it'll be like me hitting up microsoft saying the Right-click button causes the PC to crash. And if I notice the issue on multiple computers and other people mentioning it too then I know it's not just a issue on my end. If you must know, I use the right click function since Windows 3.11, and Windows 10 did have a issue with it causing the desktop or file explorer to freeze. They eventually fixed it as they should. as for the keydown function in ACtool, i've been using it since Windows XP for games like Maple story. I've also used it in Windows 7 to help assist me in a project. I can't recall if I used it in windows 10, but I would like to use the function. What game or program it was used for is besides the point as the keydown function isn't working like it's supposed to whether it's with notepad, videogames, emulators or macros also, I'm not a power user of Actool or anything, I only use it when i need it to help assist me in something like in my video above where I can't control all 3 players at once. After I achieve what it is I was trying to do I may not use it for years so it's not something I come back to often. I eventually found a workaround by using the LeftMouseDown instead of the keydown. However in the future I would like to use the keydown instead as it's more easier. I've also searched for this issue on this forum and found another user with the same problem back in 2020 and it was met with same dismissiveness as shown here.
  8. is there a way to get it working with windows 10? it used to work many years ago. i mainly wanted the turbo button held down for a game. the above is a just an example. i've tried keyrate too and it also doesn't produce the effect i was looking for. i've also tried setting the controls to shift, left, right, instead of p. it all freezes the game until the seconds expire. I ended up finding a working around, i opened Windows 10 On screen keyboard, and i used the leftclick function to have it press the Left key then i use keys to have it rapidly press the p key. it doesn't lag or freeze when using the Keys command MousePos 1474, 446 delay 100 LeftMouseDown 1 sec delay 300 keys pppppppppp delay 300 LeftMouseup and this was the effect i got
  9. delay 3 sec keydown p 8 sec I tried it on two separate laptops with Windows 10 and it has the same problem
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