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  1. update i deleted all the extra inks(2-5) as it only works with 1 xD since they are all the same and changed the INK names to INK1
  2. so i mapped out each button location when the word "ink" poped up and made a image for each one and cords and it started to work the help file is not working for me saying since its not registered it will not open the document so i am not sure how to set the right OBVAR i messed with diff numbers till it worked but it takes sometime to go thru each command or something xD but im very happy it worked tho maybe theres a different way to write the code
  3. so its a system called Second life and in there i am in a system where you can skill when you click on the table it gives you that menu with those buttons and they shuffle each time so i have to keep paying attention im trying to make a script to click the table then click the button on the menu (menu is always in the same spot) the buttons they shuffle Shuffle Shuffle CANCEL Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle
  4. im trying to make the bot locate lets say "Ink" and go to it then click it so the progress is when the menu appears it shuffles the buttons and im trying to make it look thru the buttons then find "Ink" and select it Object Ink 127=0,0|160=0,2|157=0,4|155=0,6|153=0,8|151=0,10|147=0,12|145=0,14|145=0,16|144=0,18|147=0,20 127=2,0|160=2,2|157=2,4|155=2,6|153=2,8|151=2,10|147=2,12|145=2,14|145=2,16|144=2,18|147=2,20 127=4,0|160=4,2|157=4,4|155=4,6|153=4,8|151=4,10|147=4,12|145=4,14|145=4,16|144=4,18|147=4,20 127=6,0|160=6,2|157=6,4|155=6,6|153=6,8|151=6,10|147=6,12|145=6,14|145=6,16|144=6,18|147=6,20 127=8,0|160=8,2|157=8,4|155=8,6|153=8,8|151=8,10|147=8,12|145=8,14|145=8,16|144=8,18|147=8,20 127=10,0|160=10,2|157=10,4|143=10,6|130=10,8|128=10,10|124=10,12|123=10,14|134=10,16|144=10,18|147=10,20 127=12,0|160=12,2|157=12,4|230=12,6|230=12,8|230=12,10|230=12,12|230=12,14|92=12,16|144=12,18|147=12,20 127=14,0|160=14,2|157=14,4|151=14,6|134=14,8|123=14,10|120=14,12|118=14,14|131=14,16|144=14,18|147=14,20 127=16,0|160=16,2|157=16,4|155=16,6|230=16,8|230=16,10|230=16,12|230=16,14|92=16,16|144=16,18|147=16,20 127=18,0|160=18,2|157=18,4|155=18,6|207=18,8|82=18,10|140=18,12|139=18,14|142=18,16|144=18,18|147=18,20 127=20,0|160=20,2|157=20,4|155=20,6|207=20,8|119=20,10|108=20,12|110=20,14|94=20,16|144=20,18|147=20,20 127=22,0|160=22,2|157=22,4|155=22,6|118=22,8|85=22,10|83=22,12|83=22,14|100=22,16|144=22,18|147=22,20 127=24,0|160=24,2|110=24,4|118=24,6|112=24,8|111=24,10|110=24,12|110=24,14|94=24,16|144=24,18|147=24,20 127=26,0|160=26,2|110=26,4|89=26,6|84=26,8|85=26,10|154=26,12|63=26,14|100=26,16|144=26,18|147=26,20 127=28,0|160=28,2|157=28,4|155=28,6|119=28,8|190=28,10|105=28,12|162=28,14|104=28,16|144=28,18|147=28,20 127=30,0|160=30,2|157=30,4|155=30,6|211=30,8|87=30,10|138=30,12|135=30,14|109=30,16|144=30,18|147=30,20 127=32,0|160=32,2|157=32,4|155=32,6|153=32,8|151=32,10|147=32,12|136=32,14|136=32,16|144=32,18|147=32,20 127=34,0|160=34,2|157=34,4|155=34,6|153=34,8|151=34,10|147=34,12|145=34,14|145=34,16|144=34,18|147=34,20 127=36,0|160=36,2|157=36,4|155=36,6|153=36,8|151=36,10|147=36,12|145=36,14|145=36,16|144=36,18|147=36,20 127=38,0|160=38,2|157=38,4|155=38,6|153=38,8|151=38,10|147=38,12|145=38,14|145=38,16|144=38,18|147=38,20 127=40,0|160=40,2|157=40,4|155=40,6|153=40,8|151=40,10|147=40,12|145=40,14|145=40,16|144=40,18|147=40,20 End DragTo 1506, 668 LeftClick Delay 2 sec IsObject Ink at 2211, 294 DragTo 2211, 294 Delay 10 sec LeftClick Else End IsObject Ink at 2322, 285 DragTo 2322, 285 Delay 10 sec LeftClick Else End IsObject Ink at 2202, 313 DragTo 2202, 313 Delay 10 sec LeftClick Else End IsObject Ink at 2326, 313 DragTo 2326, 313 Delay 10 sec LeftClick Else End IsObject Ink at 2446, 314 DragTo 2446, 314 Delay 10 sec LeftClick Else End
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