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  1. First of all, I am new to ACTool and I may be making up some weird nonsense lol. I am trying to make a loop where it uses potion on slot F4 until mp/mana is filled back up to full. I believe the way I currently have it set up is suppose to press F4 when there is no blue filled up within the MP/Mana bar and press F4 to fill it back up until the command becomes true again. The problem I have is that even after the command becomes true(when the mp bar is full), it keeps on pressing F4. What should I be adding here to make it so it'll stop using mana potions when it's already full? Currently using AC Tool 5.4.0. While 1=1 SetActiveWindow PCIK1.5 IsBlue 1352, 536 // Do these commands if true Else // Do these commands if false Keys {F4} End End Skyblade.mac
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