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  1. im using that bot a long time now and i had no probs with it until now ... and i have all these setting set
  2. u want to emulate windows on ps2 linux ? i dont think that u can run ff11 very well on it
  3. i fish in rabao with my bot works well like everytime
  4. PS2 uses a normal HDD like its used in pc but i dunno about the filesystem
  5. he just wanted to show us what happen when u get caught >_>
  6. just take the letters from other mobs like someone did for Argus in this forum that should be easier ^^
  7. yeah itsa very close spawn . i camped the Hoo i got him 6 times and he spawned a few times at a other spawn where i couldnt see him >_>
  8. i only use the fishing bot B/C i dont want to press the macro thousand times ... ^^
  9. i have an object for storper too but not testet yet .
  10. u wont waste the eco B/C of the drop rate and its spawntime .
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