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  1. like that ??? how would i add or what to add and where? Keydown d 2 sec keyrate 150
  2. Keydown d 2 sec Lags my computer.
  3. What about the d key, you know w, a, s, d keys for movements, D key, how would i write it to press down the D key for seversal seconds?
  4. Hi, i used the code {RIGHT} , or {LEFT}, or the d key for movement, and they don't move much at all. i put delays. it moved twice only for less than even 1 sec. everything else on the script works fine, which i pasted below in Quote. i did do muliple of Keys {RIGHT}, but i want it to hold down the right arrow/d key for 2 secs, i tried keydown, but that didn't work or i don't know how to use the keydown code. Keys {RIGHT} Delay 2 sec Keys {RIGHT} Keys {RIGHT} also............. keydown {RIGHT} <-----lags my computer i'm on windows 10, directx 10. Thanks for looking.
  5. i decided to try and load one of the premade ones that the program came in, but deleted alot of the lines and simplied it to the ones below, works okay, seem it causing a tiny lag. DELAY 2 Loop 1000 Loop 2 Keys 1 DELAY 1 Keys ] DELAY 1 Keys 2 DELAY 1 Keys 3 DELAY 1 DELAY 1 End End
  6. latest. did admin, also i tried removing the ObjVar line and still same result.
  7. I'm on Windows 10, and my game The Lord of The Rings Online, freezes everytime i start the program. I did not have this issue when i was using windows 7, anyone have any ideas? I've attached a picture and script.1 Thanks. freezing.bmp
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