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  1. I'm simply trying to get my older 5.4 scripts operating in the 5.5.1 version by recreating ... Form Flax, Settings ed1=Combobox:Job:Seeds, Flax, Both //Job Type ed16=Combobox:Seed:Old Egypt ed3=Editbox:Batch:1 //Number of times to run Job ed2=Editbox:Seed Plants (Even Number):2 //Number of beds you want to plant for seeds ed4=Combobox:Pick Rounds:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 //Number of times to harvest seeds before ripping out beds ed9=Editbox:Seeds / Pick:1 //Number of seeds per picking ed12=Editbox: # of Seeds in Inventory:0 //Number of seeds in Inventory ed17=Editbox:Flax plants (Even Number):14 //Number of Flax plants you want to plant per round ed5=Combobox:Weed #:3, 2, 1 //Total number to Weed and Water a variety of flax ed6=CheckBox:Dump:False //Toggle to Dump flax in chest ed7=CheckBox:Rot:False //Toggle to Rot flax ed11=CheckBox:Left to Right?:False //Future Addon ed10=CheckBox:Need Water:True //Toggle if flax needs to be watered ed15=CheckBox:Venery?:False //If you are on Venery and have "Test.." in menues ed13=EditBox:UnZoom Time:900 //Time to Zoom Out ed14=EditBox:Zoom Time:1000 //Time to Zoom in ed8=Combobox:Resolution:3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1360x768, 1280x1024 end FormLoad Flax, Flax.frm This form opens at the start of the macro, I make any edits and it saves my settings that are loaded in the next time. No need for anything to change during the macro. It did not seem that my help file changed from 5.4 as it still has formload and formsave in the help file. I wanted to know how to load individual values from a file.
  2. Can someone give an example on using an .inc file to load data into a form?
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