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  1. okay  Thanks a lot Mr. Ego I will try the script as soon as I get home and report back theresults
  2. okay so lets just say here is the inventory as you can see on the right side of the window there is the inventory and it haves 194/248 i dont think it show the last spot it basically start filling the inventory until you reach the limit, when you fill your inventory to the top a window appears at the center of the game so maybe i could map to the window that action also I'm assuming that the x,y coords are the same that you with the CTRL+M command for the mouse pos ¿? after that i gues the while code would end up like this:   while 1 = 1 if iscolor x, y //the full inventory notice window MAILTO person@someplace.net end else call 3 call 1 call 5 call 4 call 2 call 4 call 5 end   or something like this I guess
  3. Thanks Mr Ego I have tested the code and works fine, by the way I need some advice in the game there's and inventory and the limit is 400/400 is there a way so I can map this so I can link it to a certain action? Like sending a notification let's say opening another program like WhatsApp to send me a notification or a mail
  4. So again here I am, I've been doing some work and I managed to make a working script that work pretty much the way I wanted:  SetActiveWindow Renaissance Procedure 1 //builder/summoner 1  keys {space}  delay 1 sec  keydown @{a}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{s}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{d}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{f}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{g}  leftclick  delay 1 sec end Procedure 2 // builder/summoner 2  keys {space}  delay 1 sec  keydown @{z}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{x}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{c}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{v}  leftclick  delay 2 sec  keydown @{b}  leftclick  delay 1 sec end  Procedure 3 // buffer  keys {space}  delay 1 sec  keydown @{Q}  //leftclick  ///delay 2 sec  //keydown @{W}  //leftclick  //delay 2 sec  //keydown @{E}  //leftclick  //delay 2 sec  //keydown @{R}  //leftclick  //delay 2 sec  //keydown @{T}  //leftclick  delay 1 sec end  procedure 4 // Hp Potion Keydown @{u} Keydown @{j} Keydown @{u} Keydown @{j} Keydown @{u} Keydown @{j} delay 1 sec End procedure 5 // Mp Potion Keydown @{i} Keydown @{k} Keydown @{i} Keydown @{k} Keydown @{i} Keydown @{k} delay 1 sec End  while 1 = 1 call 3 call 1 call 5 call 4 call 2 call 4 call 5 end   As you can see I still use the keydown code, because for a reason unknown for me this one works faster than the skeys or keys commands, I tried the code given here with the color commands doesnt actually work on the game maybe I'm using them incorrectly but I have managed to make a fully working script.
  5.  Sorry Mr. Wabbit I didnt explain myself quite well I'm not looking for newest updates of AC Tool, I dont really know what version I'm using but it works amazing, the game is called "Granado Espada" but its a private server version I will leave the link of the game here its free to play you only need to create an account https://roguege.com/info/downloads, as far as I've been testing the only ones not working for me right now are the F keys haven't tested other special keys since I have no need to use them, but when I get home I will test the other special keys and report what happens, what I did saw yesterday is that if you use the "KEYS" command it takes a little while for the game to recognize the keys , but if I use the "KEYDOWN" command the game recognize the keys faster.    Also I have tried the special keys : ESC, F keys, Num keys dont work on the game
  6. First of all thanks for the reply Mr.Ego, my english is not the best I know haha as you can see it is not my primary language, anyway I will answer the questions on the same order you made em.  You want to spam Q, E, R and T keys in that order? -yes the idea is to spam keys in that order and after the key is pressed click on a certain postion of the screen I already manage to solve that using the "LeftClick" and leaving the mouse pointer on the spot i want the char to spam the skills that are linked to the keys. Any time period? -yes the skills have a time period, given the fact that the character is a builder/summoner one all the "summons" have certain amount of hp but those summons can be killed very fast so I want to spam the key+click every 3 seconds in a loop so the character can keep building/summoning when one of those summons is killed.  Anything the code needs to wait for before pressing the next key? -only for the game window to be active  And use the keys U and I to consume HP & MP potions when something gets low, a health bar and mana bar? -yes the use of the keys U and I to consume the potions is for the health bar (red) and mana bar (blue)  I will try the code that you provided me when I get out of work and let you know the results, also i have some questions about the delay time I understand that the delay is in miliseconds but I can see that you use something like "delay .2 sec" if I change it to "delay 2 sec" this will spam the keystrokes every 2 seconds? also the game for a unknown reason it does not recognize the F1,F2, etc. keys   here is an example of the ui   So here is another update, I read somewhere on the forum that AC Tool did not work for this game, but I've been testing the program on the game and it works.
  7. Okay I'm redoing the code once again the main idea is to spam the keys in the next order: For the first character I need to spawn+CLICK: Q,E,R,T And use the keys U,I to consume HP & MP potions Wich is most likely what I'm planning to use the macro  I assume that I can make a function or procedure to spam the first series of keys something like:  Procedure builder Keys q Delay 800 Leftclick Delay 800 ....  And then I'm not sure if I can do something like another procedure on a IF statement so I can consume the option on a certain porcentage I think I saw a code Like than on the forum  Update: I found the code is something like this  While 1 = 1 IsGreen 245, 588 Keys {F9} End delay 100 End
  8. Thanks a lot for the quick reply me wabbit so I have one more doubt before I rewrite my second code is can I put all the calls in a while statement? I need them to run on an infinite loop.. Â Â So here is an update i have tried the keys command and well for a certaiin reason the game doesnt recognize the key stroke only with keydown command
  9. So hello im new to this ac tool thing im actually looking to make some basic funciton macro for granado espada as far as Ive alrady try i got this working for me  While 1=1  keys {space}  delay 100  keydown @{q} //jack char 3  leftclick  delay 1000  keydown @{w}  leftclick  delay 1000  keydown @{e}  leftclick  delay 1000  keydown @{r}  leftclick  delay 1000  keydown @{t}  leftclick  delay 1000  keydown @{u}  keydown @{u}  keydown @{u}  keydown @{u}  keydown @{i}  keydown @{i}  keydown @{i}  keydown @{i}  keydown @{m}  keydown @{m}   keydown @{m}  keydown @{m}   keydown @{j}  keydown @{j}   keydown @{j}  keydown @{j}  delay 3000  keydown @{A}//principal  delay 2000  keydown @{n}  delay 2000  keydown @{x}  delay 500   //jack char 3 end   but this only a part i would really appreciate your help on telling me how can i make differente procedures on a loop i have already tried the function thing but its not working i made this script as well but this ona was a total failure   SetActiveWindow Renaissance  Procedure Jack_AC while 1=1 keydown @{q} delay 2000 LeftClick delay 2000 keydown @{w} delay 2000 LeftClick delay 2000 keydown @{e} delay 2000 LeftClick delay 2000 keydown @{r} delay 2000 LeftClick delay 2000 keydown @{t} delay 2000 LeftClick delay 2000  end end  Procedure Auto_ET while 1=1 keydown @{a} delay 300000 end end  Procedure Personal_skill while 1=1 keydown @{y} delay 300000 end end  Procedure Auto_Pot_HP while 1=1 keydown @{u}//HP POT delay 1000 keydown @{j}//HP POT delay 1000 keydown @{m}//HP POT delay 1000 end end  Procedure Auto_Mana while 1=1 keydown @{i} delay 1000 keydown @{k} delay 1000 end end   call Jack_AC call Auto_Mana call Auto_Pot_HP call Auto_ETc call Personal_skill  Â
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