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  1. This is my test sequence I used to see if I can inspire Shift Click or shift text. Before this I missed your command file fix, but later found it and was thrilled to have my {} commands working.  Delay 3000 Keyrate 300 MouseClickDelay 300 LeftClick Shift Delay 3000 Keys {RETURN} Delay 500 Keys ~2 Delay 100000  The game will accept everything from AC Tool it seems except Shift-clicks and mouse position commands.  I could go to AHK but I don't want to because I'm used to AC Tool and I love its pixel capture approach.
  2. Oh cool I saw you refer to Divide but I only now realize its the next version you are working on. So is it safe to assume that it will have the same language syntax as AC Tool or close to it? I would like to give it a try if I can, and see if it gets around my 'LeftClick Shift' problem.
  3. Â Wabbit come on my friend help me figure out how to make a Shift-Left Click and I'll paypal ya $20. Â Â This is the correct syntax for the Shift-LeftClick that you are looking for. But, if you look at that specific post. you will also see that you my need to use the MouseClickDelay command to get the Shift-LeftClick to work properly in the game you are scripting for. Â now look at the example code that I have in that post. Â Â Â It's a good idea, and I've tried delays at 100, 300, 500 and 1000 but all to no avail. I do not get a syntax error when I use 'LeftClick Shift' so I guess you are right about syntax. I guess the only explanation is the game blocks it somehow. Â What is also true about the game is mouse location commands only work if I manually move my mouse physically. I can get it to work if I ever so slightly move the mouse back and fourth for the whole operation of the macro! If I leave the mouse motionless, the mouse position commands do not move the game cursor at all. Is this game protection, or some kind of miscommunication between AC Tool and the game? Â Would it be a work-around if I got a programmable keyboard or mouse to program 'Shift-LeftClick' to a single key, say the character [ or something, then just have AC Tool strike that key? 'Keys ['
  4. Â Wabbit come on my friend help me figure out how to make a Shift-Left Click and I'll paypal ya $20.
  5. Ok, at last I can get Shift to work within the Keys command context, so for instance 'Keys ~2' will lead to an @ output. Â What is the proper syntax for a shift-Left click? '~LeftClick' and 'LeftClick ~' and 'LeftClick Shift' all do not work.
  6. Anyone? Does AC Tool only accept 'Keys' commands and mouse clicks? I don't understand why modifier keys don't work.
  7. "if $Howmany = 1 // get 1 of item LeftClick Control Delay 200 else" Â Â I notice that here you have 'LeftClick Control' as a CTRL-left click function, but on my AC Tool version 5.51 the 'Control' function doesn't change color like an active function. (also my {DEL} and {Return}. What does this mean? I have recently had a hard time getting shift/alt/ctrl-click functions to work.
  8. Hi folks, thanks in advance for your time! Â I'm a long time AC tool user and have always been able to figure things out on my own, but I recently wanted to use some Shift/Control command features in conjunction with left and right clicks, but I can't get them to work for anything. I'm not sure if I'm using the right syntax, and when you double click these you get strange feedback: Â For Shift - ~ all you get is a black: ~Â For Control - ^ all you get is a red (active function): ^ And strangely for Alt - @ you get the full in red: Alt - @ Â What gives? Can someone please tell me what the proper syntax is to use one of these in combination with a mouse click? Â Thanks!
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