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  1. It sort of is, Theres 2 main emulators going at the moment. Shadowbane Emulator and Magic Bane. I prefer Magic Bane since its more like old school SB.
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mY_LKjBnw0kTknXywiARom1pOJYT5HMn  Try that and let me know.
  3. I'll try uploading my entire folder into a google drive and will post a link. Hopefully that works
  4. Also, side note. I am not planning for this to necessarily run in the background. I have a separate older computer that I am planning to run this code on, so it doesn't entirely matter if the windows are up all the time.
  5. Done some googling and some tweaking and in theory this should work so long as I can get around an error. Could not find a variable in IF: Tell = Evac or evac or EVAC conditional. Sorry if it is messy, or if there are things that are clearly wrong. I haven't done coding in 8+ years and only used java.  Heres the code so far ::  // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Shadowbane delay 1 sec call whisper set evac = "evac" set Evac = "Evac" set EVAC = "EVAC" set Buff = "Buff" set buff = "buff" set BUFF = "BUFF" //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX procedure whisper  delay 2 sec  loop 1 // or while 1 = 1      isred 988, 1393 //Checks to see if I have received a message         Keys /Log {Return} //Makes the game save the chat log containing the latest message             FileOpen txt, C:\Users\Razer\Desktop\Shadowbane - MagicBane\Logs\Tells.txt //Opens the Log with the message             FileAppend Tells.txt //Moves the cursor to the end of the .txt file             Keydown {Left} .5 sec //puts the cursor on the end of the requested action                loop 4                Keys ~{Left} //highlights the request for BUFF or EVAC                end           Keys ^C //copies request to clipboard           GetClipBoard //gets clipboard           SetClipboard = Tell //registers the clipboard as a constant variable that we can now read              If Tell = Evac or evac or EVAC //If the variable is an evac request               Keydown R .5 sec //reply to the individual              Keydown {LEFT} 3 sec //go to the beginning of the message              Keys {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} //Delete the mandatory /tell at the beginning of the message              Keydown ~{RIGHT} 3 sec //Highlight the individual's name                Keys ^C //Copy their name              Keydown {F7} .5 sec //press the summon button                Keys ^V //Paste the individual's name in the summon window              Keydown {Return} .5 sec //Summon the person                Delay 9 sec //delay for cast time        Else if Tell = "Buff" or "buff" or "BUFF" //if they are requesting a buff          Keydown {Left Bracket} //target nearest ally          Keydown {F2} .5 sec //buff          Keydown {F3} .5 sec //buff          Keydown {F4} .5 sec //buff          Keydown {F5} .5 sec //buff          Keydown {F6} 3 sec //buff          End        End      End
  6. Noticed that the whisper example was a bit small in the previous photo, here is a more close up.
  7. Where to download and easy levelling build ____________________________________ You can download the launcher from http://www.magicbane.com/ and scroll all the way to the bottom. Can download the game from https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADPNShKfkX8KPT0&id=F06FE0F04A69D737%21102&cid=F06FE0F04A69D737  Then just drag the launcher into the file from the onedrive, run the Magicbane application, and you should be good to go. You may need to make an account on the magicbane forums located Here: http://magicbane.com/forums/ucp.php?mode=register  In order to get summon you need to get any healer to level 25. Think it is about 1 or 2 GB tops for the game. It is completely free to play and you can run multiple clients at once.  For an easier leveller, I would make a human rogue. On the right side you should have a + - for every stat. Take 5 points out of all of them. Then take the following runes: Eyes of the eagle, Lucky, Precise, Raised in the woods, Born of the Taripontor, Taught by Master Thief, And Lightning Reflexes. This will give you a lot of dexterity and bow skill, which dexterity raises your defence and bows are easy for range. On the right side on the bottom, for your kit, I would take a bow. And then go forth.  What you requested _____________________________________ I have attached a photo of what the summon box and person asking for an Evac look like in game. Due to the different lengths of character names, the text for Evac and Buff would be in generally the same spot, however may be further to the left or right depending on the names of the people. It is actual text so I am not sure if objects would work. The summon box that pops up can be moved, but you can copy and paste in game. So copying someone's name from the chat box, pressing F7 to use the summoning skill, and then pasting with ctrl V would work, so long as that is what the person wants.  Note, there is chat logging on the game. If you click on any chat box in the top right, there should be a square. You can then set the channels for the chat box to only be /whispers. And you can enable chat logging on it. So one thing that may be plausible is whenever a pixel turns red, meaning you received a whisper, is to log the chat, and then where you have the game installed there should be a chat log folder. In the folder there should be a notepad doc with the log that came in. See attached .txt. And then see if the whisper contents says Evac or buff. Not sure if that is plausible with ACTOOLS or not. (It does look like there is a FileRead command).  Changes to what you made: ______________________________________________________   // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Shadowbane delay 1 sec call whisper //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX procedure whisper  delay 2 sec  loop 1      isobject evac at 988, 1393 // 988, 1393 is the pixel coordinates of the capital H in Heelies from the screen shots.       Keydown R .5 sec //Auto reply        Keydown {LEFT} 3 sec //Positions the line to delete next        Keys {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} {DEL} //Deletes the /Tell that is auto generated when making a reply        Keydown ~{RIGHT} 3 sec // Highlights requestor's name        Keys ^ C //Copies the requestor's name        Keydown {F7} .5 sec //Presses the summon button        Keys ^ V //Pastes the person's name who sent the Evac//Summon request        Keydown {Return} .5 sec //Presses the Checkbox on the summon to activate it        Delay 9 sec             isobject buff at 988, 1393          Keydown {Left Bracket} // Targets nearest ally          Keydown {F2} .5 sec //Casts defence buff          Keydown {F3} .5 sec //Casts dexterity buff          Keydown {F4} .5 sec //Casts Intellegence buff          Keydown {F5} .5 sec //Casts Strength buff          Keydown {F6} 3 sec //Casts attack speed buff          End        End      End    Else      delay 180 sec // delay for??    End  Tells.txt
  8. Hello, I am attempting to make a bot that can summon a player after receiving a specific string in a whisper on Shadowbane Essentially I need for it to press F6 after receiving the whisper "Evac" and press F2, F3, F4, and F5 after receiving the whisper "Buff"  The easiest way to do it would be to just pull the color of the text. If the text is red, it means you have received a whisper. However then I get lost when determining what the string/whisper sent to me states.  So far this is what I have, and should theoretically work for summoning anyone who whispers you. However I would like to be able to determine if the person is wanting buffs, which would then press F2 - F5 on them. Or if they need a summon, which would then just copy their name, press F6 for summon, and then paste it and enter to summon.  SetActiveWindow Shadowbane Loop 1 delay 100 IsRed 943,1393 //Checks to see if I have received a whisper     Keydown r .2 sec //To respond to the whisper    Delay 100  Keydown {LEFT} 5 sec //To scroll all the way to the left  Loop 5     Keydown {DEL} //Deletes /tell     End    //Keys ~ {RIGHT} //In theory copies the person's name    //Keys ^ C    //Keys {F6}    //Keys ^ V    //Keys {ENTER}    Else    delay 180 sec    end    end
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