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  1. I've found that the .dat files are being locked by SWConsole and a second SWConsole is unable to access them because they are in use. This happens if I try to open the consoles myself outside the game, or launch more than one client (with decal enabled). Another difficulty is that a skapi.log file is never created for the second client (while Caps lock is on), this file is also locked. I tested this by attempting to rename the .dat files as well as the .txt file with SWConsole open. When running SWConsole as administrator, I get an error stating MSCOMCTL.OCX is not registered correctly... missing or invalid. I am on windows 10, have tried installing AC, decal and SW to default locations as well as installing them in c:\users\%username% to avoid any permissions issues, even adding ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to security with full access. I've disabled windows compression/archiving. Â At my wits end trying to get this working, any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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