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  1. Ok, I will refreshe the game chat and everything will worked out! Thank you so much!
  2. Getclipboard is not working for me because a constant has too little "space" for my clipboard, and it chops it, is there a way to copy clipboard to a list directly? Or to get it to a constant that have more capacity? Ty
  3. You are the best! Ty!!
  4. I need to send an email everytime an event is triggered. Tryed to right one but couldn't. Are those commands working? my atempt: MAILBODY day {day}, {hour} {minute} MAILFROM xxx@gmail.com MAILPASSWORD xxx MAILTO xxx@gmail.com MAILSUBJECT bot:day {day}, {hour} {minute} //MAILCC //person3@someplace.net //MAILBCC //person4@someplace.com MAILHOST smtp.gmail.com MAILPORT 587//I tryed 25 and 465 MAILSEND SendText 13, Mail Sent! it doens't stop, but the email was not sent TY
  5. I tried to get the new programming language, using help, but I could't do a single thing, like : if isWindow Ti then ... . I tried to learn basics on delphi/paschal, it was hard to apply to divine. Could someone share some really simple macros or part of macros so noobs could have a simpler learning curve? Ty
  6. Is there a mouse rate command just like key rate? it would chance mouse movement speed and click speeds. ty, happy to see this community alive! I love this program and you guys. Learned so much here
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