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  1. Hey Chaz, thanks for the links, very useful. Have 1 account subbed, debating whether to play old chars or just start new and see where I am in a month. Â Agree that AC1 ruined all other MMO's for me. Tried them all, but never stuck for longer than the free trial. Got more fun out of Farmville than some of the MMO crap out there.
  2. I may re-sub 2 AC accounts next week for a month while I have vacation time. It has been too long. incUI.mac needs some work, right
  3. Couple of things.  Add TimeStamp commands to put debugging traces in your code. Makes it way easier to understand the code path that was followed.  Turn on color logging. Menu: Macro->Test Mode->Run AC With Color Test Log  Output from both will be on the Test Log tab when the macro runs.   Procedure GettingMail2 Timestamp GettingMail2 - Entry IsObject NoMail at 537, 519 TimeStamp Object NoMail found IsObject MoreMailWaiting at 378, 160 TimeStamp Object MoreMailWaiting found SetConst MailEmpty = True SetConst MailBoxIsOpen = False Call Walk Call Post Exit Else TimeStamp Object MoreMailWaiting NOT found SetConst FetchMail = False SetConst MailEmpty = True SetConst MailBoxIsOpen = False Call Walk Call Post End Else TimeStamp Object NoMail NOT found End Timestamp GettingMail2 - Exit End
  4. Has you operating system changed in the last year ? Have you upgraded to Vista or Win7 ? If yes, ensure you're running ACTool as administrator. Â Do you have any security tools running which may be "protecting" you by preventing one process reading another's memory ?
  5. Hey old timer. Â ACTool itself was always built in Delphi, I think this question was more about the macro language that macros are written in, and the macro language has gone through several iterations and changes.
  6. Under Win7, are you running ACTool as administrator ?
  7. Â Don't be too hard on yourself.
  8. Â You bought AC Tool ? Â ACTool is FREE Â You expect the community that supports ACTool as FREEWARE to provide support for something you purchased ? Go beg for support from the lowlife douchebag who sold you their crap macro.
  9. Use TimeStamp: Â If $Val = 1 TimeStamp val is 1 end
  10. Take a look at ListLoad  Loads a text file into a List construct, you don't have to read the file line by line yourself. Can then use standard list commands to navigate the "file".
  11. There's a lot of history there. We're going back to 1999 - or was it 1998 ? Â In the first versions, all keywords needed to be enclosed in square brackets. [setConst] etc. No idea what language that was based on, may just have been an easier parser to write. Â Later versions lean towards Pascal/Delphi more than anything else, but I'm not 100% sure. At that point other authors started to contribute, eg OnceBitten (David Smith), so there were various influences on the language.
  12. If you can't get your head around it, set some named flag constants and see if that helps ? Â Constants FoundObjA = No FoundObjB = No End //Initialize to not found SetConst $FoundObjA = No SetConst $FoundObjB = No //Test the objects, set the flags to "Yes" if object matches IsObject ObjectA At xx, yy SetConst $FoundObjA = Yes End IsObject ObjectB At xx, yy SetConst $FoundObjB = Yes End // ALWAYS add debugging traces so you know what's going on inside the program TimeStamp After IsObject calls: FoundObjA = $FoundObjA FoundObjB = $FoundObjB // NOW apply your logic, using the flags If $FoundObjA = Yes Or $FoundObjB = Yes // or whatever combination of found yes/no you need to react to
  13. ACTool supports this, but you still need to run a "continuous loop". Â You loop forever, checking the {GlobalKeys} variable for a certain keystroke, and if found, you trigger the sequence of key presses. Then you clear {GlobalKeys} and wait for the next triggering keypress.
  14. You can't debug code in any language if you don't do yourself a favour and provide the diagnostics needed for debugging.  You have an IF statement that doesn't appear to be working. Do you know why ? Add diagnostic traces Delay .2 sec TimeStamp Before If Statement GlobalKeys = {GlobalKeys} If {GlobalKeys} Contains 049 // Key '1' TimeStamp Found key 049 // snip   Now after you've run it, the TimeStamp traces will be on ACTool's Test Log tab. And you'll know what GlobalKeys contained and whether the IF evaluated to true or not. Either you're searching for the wrong key value, or it's finding the correct key and the code inside the IF isn't doing what you think it is.
  15. Â ACTool provides commands like "ReadMemory" and "WriteMemory". These allow you to write a macro that interferes with the contents of the memory of another process. Which could be used for malicious purposes. Â AdAware is detecting the fact that ACTool.exe calls some Windows APIs that allow memory manipulation of other processes, and so flags it as malware. ACTool.exe itself is not malware, but it can support malware macros. Which is not a problem if you are just writing your own macros.
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