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  1. You need the Launcher http://www.thwargle.com, You can have multiply Accounts (I'm sitting at 4) and signing on at these Two (?).. http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16342-started-playing-ac-again-on-coldeve/
  2. I'm not into C#, so I'm forwarding this message to the General forms.
  3. Here's another Form example that I once made up: (* Filename: Password.inc Here's a Form that Prompts the User to Enter a Logon UserID and a Password. Entered Data are stored in the Constants: UserID and Password. :P Version 1 - 9/21/05 Version 2 - 1/31/11 FTP: Added a Form to enter Email address as Password if UserID = Anonymous *) Constants Password=NUL UserID=NUL // PassBug=0 // Debug Value End Form GetWhat1, Do you wish to be prompted for a New ID? ed1=CheckBox:Enter a UserID?:False End Form GetWhat2, Do you wish to be prompted for Password/Email address? ed1=CheckBox:Enter a Password/Email?:False End Form GetID, Enter your Login ID TmpID=EditBox:What's your Login UserID?:anonymous End Form GetPW, Enter your Password TmpPW=EditBox:What's your Password?:. End Form GetEmail, Enter your Email address as the Password TmpGE=EditBox:What's your Email Address?:Hacker@Playboy.xxx End Procedure GetPW IF SHOWFORM GetWhat1 TimeStamp What was the Check Box for userID? ( GetWhat1[ed1] ) IF GetWhat1[ed1] = True IF SHOWFORM GetID SetConst UserID,GetID[TmpID] End End End IF SHOWFORM GetWhat2 TimeStamp What was the Check Box for Password? ( GetWhat2[ed1] ) IF GetWhat2[ed1] = True IF $UserID = anonymous IF SHOWFORM GetEmail SetConst Password,GetEmail[TmpGE] End Else IF SHOWFORM GetPW SetConst Password,GetPW[TmpPW] End End End End End If $PassBug = 1 Call GetPW Timestamp User ( $UserID ), Pass ( $Password ) End
  4. (* FileName: File_Form.mac *) Constants Var1=0 End Constructs List1=List end Form FGNum, How Many Files? ed1=EditBox:Enter a Number ###:1 End Form FGLoad, Enter Name of File(s)? ed1=EditBox:Name of File:? End Procedure LoopForm IF FGNum[ed1] > 0 Loop FGNum[ed1] If ShowForm FGLoad ListAdd List1, FGLoad[ed1] Else Saypaste no go end End End ListSortOn List1 ListSave List1, C:\Program Files\AC Tool\Baseexam.txt End Procedure Main IF SHOWFORM FGNum Call LoopForm ShowMessage Var1 = Confirmation, OK, That was it, your all done. else Saypaste no go end End Call Main
  5. And of course today it seem to work. Just need to figure out my new 2560x1080 macro position's. Ugh!
  6. oh I should point out that upon logging out , that's when the ACTool plugin says that it's Ready.. Really?!? your only Ready if I logout.. Sigh
  7. OK, So I've recently started to play AC1 again through Thwargle's Launcher, and of course loaded as many Decal programs that are Still available. But for the life of me I can't get ACTools to interact with the client, other then making it primary focus with "SetActiveWindow" and that can change depending on witch account and character I'm trying to log on with, EX: // This line is necessary to select the proper window //SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call SetActiveWindow Bear_Dan_002-Coldeve-Pack Rat I I really need to re-setup one of my XP machine's. I'm thinking it was something to do with Win7. https://prntscr.com/oktzcj
  8. I had to go check but I did get a Automated email but didn't really notice it. Found the site again by doing a google search.
  9. hmm I seem to have lost a few posts, as of this, it says I'm only at 928 posts, but made it over 1K back in 2011.
  10. It's been awhile since I last loaded E&B. I should check it out. Â jeez, just noticed my Signature. Guess I need to update that now that AC1 is no longer supported (Sunset) and the Emulator's are starting to pop up.
  11. I've only played about 5 minutes. can't remember how to move  Link no longer valid.
  12. Happy belated Xmas and New Year.
  13. I know this is a Late Post, haven't visitied the site in awhile. But, the Only way too get around the Direct Input is too see if you can use the On-Screen Keyboard.
  14. Found this just by googling "Asheron's Call Summoner Class" Â https://www.asheronscall.com/en/forums/showthread.php?60041-Summoner-templates-play-styles-and-Summoner-end-game-plans-please-share
  15. So your going to be able to Populate Subway on your own, like back in the day before they added the Marketplace?
  16. Hey guys, here's what I was using for my differnet games. Â game.zip
  17. Trying to clean the Profile Feeds. So many are spamming the Profile Feeds. :(

  18. Remove the Command: Restart  The only reference that restart should still be a part of is the ReBootSystem command.   // filename: ReBoot.inc Procedure GotTheBoot using Number If $Number = 1 ReBootSystem Shutdown End If $Number = 2 ReBootSystem Logoff End If $Number = 3 ReBootSystem Restart End End //Use this one to Shut the System down. //Call GotTheBoot 1 //Use this one to Sign the Current User Off. //Call GotTheBoot 2 //Use this one to Reboot the System. //Call GotTheBoot 3
  19. A bunch of my old Guild mates from Leafcull are back playing AC1. Not sure if I'm ready to try it again. Currently going for my second crown on World 95 of Lord of Ultima, the clan I'm in there is server #1 our sister alliance is #3, the feeder to the sister alliance the last I looked was #7. Played in the Alpha for The Repopulation during the weekend of PAX. And as such since the people that showed up to play the PvP siege event, those people got too keep Alpha Access.
  20. Well, your still in the "Group: Validating". Did you get a email or something to click to be Validated? (Been forever since I had too sign up here) ;)

    1. Bontavious


      the email i got was just to validate my email for the creation of the account i assume. its been forever. don't worry about it though i unsubbed from AC2 like a month ago so i wont even be using ac tool anymore :P


      thanks anyways

  21. Also, if you resub AC1, you get to Play AC2 for free (But you have to have a active AC1 account).
  22. Aye I'm not going to be paying for anything on NWO and I haven't been on it. But I have been using the Web interface to work the Professions of my Characters. I have to get on about once a week or two and clear out the inventory's or buy some crafting mats.
  23. I didn't start playing EnB until the Emulator. I never had heard about it when it was live. Think I went from AC to SWG to WoW and missed EnB in the transition. Games that I'm waiting too come out both are in development: Elite: Dangerous & The Repopulation. Â Also playing a Single player game but which has a Heavy Community Mod Support KSP - Kerbal Space Program here's a link to the KSP forums where I posted a series of screen shots getting a Rover into orbit it'll end up on one of the two moons. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/35856-Non-Asparagus-Launch-Vehicles?p=455023&viewfull=1#post455023
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