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  1. Mr Bear... I am an Admin on the drunkenfell ACE Server.

    I was encouraged to come to your site and ask a question.

    I am writing an c# app that is sending text into Asheron's Call.

    I am having no issue sending text to the program.

    I am, however having no luck at finding any way to send a {ENTER} key.

    Would there be any help for someone here? Or somewhere to study in your code?

    Btw Did you ever get AC Tools working In Coldeve??

  2. And of course today it seem to work. Just need to figure out my new 2560x1080 macro position's. Ugh!
  3. oh I should point out that upon logging out , that's when the ACTool plugin says that it's Ready.. Really?!? your only Ready if I logout.. Sigh
  4. OK, So I've recently started to play AC1 again through Thwargle's Launcher, and of course loaded as many Decal programs that are Still available. But for the life of me I can't get ACTools to interact with the client, other then making it primary focus with "SetActiveWindow" and that can change depending on witch account and character I'm trying to log on with, EX: // This line is necessary to select the proper window //SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call SetActiveWindow Bear_Dan_002-Coldeve-Pack Rat I I really need to re-setup one of my XP machine's. I'm thinking it was something to do with Win7. https://prntscr.com/oktzcj
  5. I had to go check but I did get a Automated email but didn't really notice it. Found the site again by doing a google search.
  6. hmm I seem to have lost a few posts, as of this, it says I'm only at 928 posts, but made it over 1K back in 2011.
  7. It's been awhile since I last loaded E&B. I should check it out. Â jeez, just noticed my Signature. Guess I need to update that now that AC1 is no longer supported (Sunset) and the Emulator's are starting to pop up.
  8. I've only played about 5 minutes. can't remember how to move  Link no longer valid.
  9. Happy belated Xmas and New Year.
  10. I know this is a Late Post, haven't visitied the site in awhile. But, the Only way too get around the Direct Input is too see if you can use the On-Screen Keyboard.
  11. Found this just by googling "Asheron's Call Summoner Class" Â https://www.asheronscall.com/en/forums/showthread.php?60041-Summoner-templates-play-styles-and-Summoner-end-game-plans-please-share
  12. So your going to be able to Populate Subway on your own, like back in the day before they added the Marketplace?
  13. Hey guys, here's what I was using for my differnet games. Â game.zip
  14. Trying to clean the Profile Feeds. So many are spamming the Profile Feeds. :(

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