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  1. Thank ya sir  So here we go... this script is still on work and i'd call it a dirty scrabble so its not bulletproof at all and it maybe wont run on your computer at all so use at your own risk   Nostrand Vor - Fenris Choclate Trail v.0.1.mac.zip
  2. how the hell do i put an attachement in here??? :wacko:
  3. yeah, figured hes active again. seen him ingame as well
  4. yeah, its a bit complicated.... gime some days and i'll try to explain better because from what i've seen so far what AC tools can do, this should be possible somehow...  just for now:  Current is a variable i cant change (as i mentioned) - i want to have the content of $current but +1 to use as a bridge. i add the _ to the bridge wich fits a variable i already defined and should tell the content of _ plus the bridge wich is defined as "Text" in constants.  the problem i have is ac tools doesnt just add the _ to the $current+1 and use it as a whole string wich i want to build up and call as a variable.  "_" added to "$Next" = _$Next = _1  "_1" defined in variables = Text  to call "_1" i have to use $_1  to show "Text" now (from my understanding of programming), it would be $_$Next ... right?  heck it would be easier to tell lol
  5. will do  doing the fine tuning atm hehehe. btw, do you know if Doc still is active scripting? because this was the only and only script i found from him so far and it was kinda bulletproof so hes deffo no noob at coding stuff.
  6. WTF... thats it??? lol ... => bangs head on desk  thx !!! hehe
  7. Well almost XD  i got that far already but for "_$Next" it shouldnt put out "_1" because there is a defined a constant named like this => _1 = Text  So the put out should be "Text" instead of "_1", shouldnt it? Because thats what i wanted to get. $Current is a puplic Constant use in the whole script for different purposes so i cant change its content. This would end up in fatal errors. Thats why i call the content of $Current, put this in another Variable called $Next and add one but i dont want to see the numerical number as ouput, thats why i made another variable wich holds the text that should replace the => _$Next $_$Next $_1  Thats where i got stuck
  8. Hi folks, Â well here is another task im working on and it simply wont do as i want it to lol... but see your self and if you see the mistake PLEASE let me know since i cant find any fouls in the logic..... => here's the code Constants time= i=30 flag= End Procedure getTimings form timings, timings adjust, Minus means faster, Plus means slower. timingsdevbox=combobox:Warp timings adjust?:Select Position, None/Do not use, Minus 10 sec, Minus 5 sec, Plus 5 sec, Plus 10 sec, Plus 15 sec end set Flag = 0 while $Flag = 0 set Flag=1 if showform timings if timings[timingsdevbox] = Select Position showmessage Const = ERROR: You have not selected timings adjustment. set Flag=0 else if timings[timingsdevbox] = None/Do not use set time = $i else if timings[timingsdevbox] = Minus 10 compute time = ($i - 10) else if timings[timingsdevbox] = Minus 5 compute time = ($i - 15) else if timings[timingsdevbox] = Plus 5 compute time = ($i + 5) else if timings[timingsdevbox] = Plus 10 compute time = ($i + 10) else if timings[timingsdevbox] = Plus 15 compute time = ($i + 15) end end end end end end end else showmessage Const = ERROR: ERROR: You have not selected timings adjustment. Script aborting. stop end end end I really have NO idea why, if i "timestamp $i and $time" it tells me the content of $i for sure but $time is just blank .... Â Ideas or help is really appreciated !
  9. Hi Folks,  i'm sitting here since an hour and getting a headache about this. Im trying to explain. I want to fill i.e. variable a with a defined non numeric character, i.e. _ ,combined with a numeric character, i.e. 1. this should turn out as a whole so it fits the pattern of a defined constant. so if i call that constant its content should be printed.  This was my idea but unforutnately this way doesnt work  Constants Current=0 Next= _1 = Text End Compute Next = ($Current + 1) Say Current is $Current and Next ist $_$Next On the end there it should tell "Current is 0 and Next is Text".  Any ideas? Help is pretty much appreciated !
  10. Oh, i already found the code i was looking for... it was for you from Bear.. page 4 this thread
  11. ok, update: splitted all procedures and objects down, sperated them and runing them each with its belonging objects in an own container for testing purposes. figured there is a lot to fix in the objects and some in the logic of the procedures. dont know why but he rly put some crapp in there LOL. anyways... starting to get the 1st few steps in sucess. walk path throu fenris and opening vendor already works, now workin on the selling and buying logic. duno but looks kinda over done. trying to simplify it a little bit
  12. I got to do a whole rewrite unfortunately. Doc's script is to much involved. I'd almost call that cryptic coding. To much checking about almost everything even totlally useless things either you want to run this thing for 6 months unatended lol. But using parts of it tho and keeps bumping me in the right directions. Â Did i mention i sooo hate coding lol
  13. its right on the start of this thread. some posts from back in 2009. the one from CAM with EnB.zip ... that it is. there is doc zotts in it and a couple others as well
  14. K, thats cool... Â i try that thx alot for now
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