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  1. Open macro. Click on help. Click on AC Tool Help. Click on index. Type in left. Hint "leftmousedown" Double click on command (s) shown. Hope that gives you the information you are looking for. After that, any problems, ask in forum.
  2. While 1 = 1 ProcessMessages delay 10 min End There's a hint.
  3. We need to see the code to see what you would like help with. We will help, but without any code, it is useless us inputting information on something we cannot see.
  4. I clicked on the Actool forum link, top left of page, every time I checked the forums. About 2 to 3 times a day. Had 2 errors one was a message about a database being corrupt and the other was 400 error (i think). Clicking on the link cleared the messages and allowed me to browse the forums. Thought it was my end as it was usable. Weird.
  5. I thought it was my end. when I logged on, I just hit the Actool forum link top left of page and everything worked. Sorry I did not report it.
  6. It is not repeating the p key, it is holding it down so only 1 p is shown. That's how I read the code, and what it displays for me. This code is on a normal os on a normal laptop, do you not read what is being typed? And as The Wabbit as typed, read his post, it explains your not freezing video. Too lazy to read it, fine I do not care anymore. Try another game that AcTools can be coded with, try the keydown then, you are focusing on notepad. (Which is glitchy with AcTools, as you were informed) Let us know the results and the code you use and what game. Then we might be able to help you in the right direction, ATM you are chasing your tail. (This is where I step out and go to read only mode to see if new code is shown in a game using keydown command)
  7. Tried 13 seconds 1 p, all fine. It's your end. Sorry I cannot fix your computer. AcTools works as intended for me.
  8. Tested, works fine. ExecProgram notepad.exe Delay 1 sec SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad Delay 1 sec keys Untitled - Notepad opened keys {return} Delay 1 sec keydown p 3 sec keys {return} keys Key p held down for 3 seconds
  9. I use a win 10 preloaded laptop for testing. A laptop for modded Os's and office and a tower for gaming. My macro that uses the snippet works fine on the original un-modded laptop. I loaded Earth & Beyond, ran into a room and coded this as a simple test (below is the example code) SetActiveWindow Earth & Beyond delay 4 sec // Focus EnB Screen. MouseClickDelay 100 Keyrate 70 keydown a 1 sec keydown {left} .2 sec keydown a 1.5 sec With this code I know the keydown is working, as my avatar runs, turns left and runs a bit more. My code in the above post is showing how I use keydowns, will only work in-game with the hook. I was trying to show how I coded the keydown command, If it worked for you, it would have surprised me. As an example. A million dollars will not make his car run better when I'm tuning a lawnmower. We asked what he was trying to code or show his macro. (A lot will not as they are trying to do something like code a CAPTCHA hack) I have had a similar problem in one game using keydown and used leftmousedown and up, middle and right as well. When I reloaded windows and/or drivers and/or AcTools it worked again. So why it does it, I do not know, BUT, I have coded a few macros and have them in a folder just in case it pops up again. Then I will go thru my code and try to work out what has changed. And go thru the reloading again. I have approx 8000 macros running from 5 lines to hundreds of lines. I keep every piece of code, if I don't make a mistake and over-write it first (have done that a few times) It's like having tens of virtual windows open above my head and trying to fit them together. As The Wabbit will tell you, I started off very basic and used a lot of other members code to get my head around AcTools. I even pmed him and Bear and DaMob for help. I turned 63 on March the 12th, so if I can learn and use AcTools, anyone can. But that doesn't help you. sorry went off track as I'm coding a new macro for a game to see if I can. Below is a small macro coded for Naurato i think, Someone wanted to click arrows as they changed for Mana. It shows how keydown code worked for the person who asked (his code was close, needed some tweaks, he used code from the forums to build what he had. I just cleaned it up and pointed him in the right direction (one million dollars...) So, I don't know why your system is behaving like it is. I can only inform you of what I did, and show you some code that works for me and another member who asked for help with the Arrows Code.. arrows.zip
  10. Ok, regarding that thread, the member did not show any code so we came to a stop, no code = no idea where or what to help with. This is from one of my games (Earth and Beyond Emu) where I run to a door and it needs to line up or my character misses. As you will see it needs to be very accurate with turning or it misses, and needs to run for 4 seconds to go thru a door. The sbreset is a hook for putting the character into a room exactly in the same spot facing the same direction every time. Has worked on every version of windows since I started using AcTools. With yours, could be a conflict in memory where AcTools resides and another driver or program is in the same memory. I only use this current computer for my 4 games, everything else is done on my laptop. Hope this info is useful for you. ///////////////////////////////////////////// Procedure runtodock timestamp Run To Dock Call sbreset delay 1 sec MousePos 840, 300 keydown {right} .787 sec delay .3 sec keydown a 4 sec Call sbreset delay 1 sec keydown {right} 1.51 sec delay .3 sec keydown a 3.3 sec keydown {left} .2 sec keydown a 1.5 sec End //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX procedure sbreset using point setmemory 00BDBB80, 0 setmemory 00BDB1C0, $point say /starbase reset end //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. I use keydown in 4 games using windows 10 GhostSpectre Pro Version. I have no problems at all. Been using keydown on Win 10 when it was first released as an alpha version. Started with Win 7. One of my games I have 6 logins on the computer and in the code, all use keydown (X) to do a specific instruction. Please put up the link to the users post. I would like to see it, but too lazy to go hunting myself. (didn't find it first look for it) Attach ALL your code, or send it to us. We can put it in the Moderators Only Section and look at it for you, as we running blind now, need something to see.
  12. Heh, yea, looks like it, not much to it after looking at my latest with 3 toons multi client and grouped. That's how I learned, started with a basic macro and kept adding to it when I found a solution to what I wanted the code to do.
  13. Heh, just went thru 11 hdds ranging from 40 gig to 2 tb, no luck sorry.
  14. Looks like code before mobs were added to the roid field (Glenn Roid Field north west from station, keypad 7 on map), I was there last night after I reloaded EnB Emu. Looks like code from when I used or was asked to code a mining macro in windows mode. Attached is/was the next version, but 1680 resolution, no mob protection and a few extra checks from what I remember, for my use only, no instructions. My latest includes a combat routine and multi toons that all shoot the Manes. Also, I saw someone running a sommer to xipe macro. there are telltales Gas Mining.7z
  15. No, Was using the numbers to explain how they 'look' on the screen. So pressing F1, F2, F3 or F4 in-game activates the loaded items? In the games I play, the function keys are activated by coding actools, so I guessing the players laptop might be the problem, if you can use your code to activate the function keys on your computer.
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