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  1. No, Was using the numbers to explain how they 'look' on the screen. So pressing F1, F2, F3 or F4 in-game activates the loaded items? In the games I play, the function keys are activated by coding actools, so I guessing the players laptop might be the problem, if you can use your code to activate the function keys on your computer.
  2. Ok, the F1, 2, 3 and 4 follow to the right from 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Could call them 5, 6, 7 and 8.) Not sure if items are loaded from pressing the F1 F2 F3 and F4. Does pressing 1, 2, 3 and 4 activate loaded items?
  3. I was thinking about using < or > I.E. is the colour between 120 and 230 in the RGB, solid and/or transparent, but, without info I'm going in blind. Thats why more info is needed, cannot help if we don't know what we are helping with. Interesting how we approach different problems different ways. Gets my brain working. I enjoy it, and if I'm too far off track, WABBIT pulls me up
  4. What is the code for? What have you coded so far? How does the box change from solid to transparent? I.E. clicked on, or auto change with use? Need more information Stephanie (Number 5 is alive)
  5. Need more details. what are you trying to do?
  6. Coded or downloaded? Big difference.
  7. Helps if you put up your code so we can look thru it. Error: Constant NUMBER could not be found! Constants Number = 0 End
  8. Thanks WABBIT, fixed that little annoyance. I used Call Random 1,3 as it goes as high as 3.999-. Perfect. Call Random 1,3 //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Procedure Random using LO, HI compute Number = ($HI-$LO+1)*rnd(1)+$LO Timestamp $Number End //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  9. I'm missing something here, and driving me nuts. Getting old and cannot remember things I'm trying to make the numbers between 1 and 4 including decimal points, eg 1.4 or 2.3 etc. My game has a anti bot pop up window, so I'm changing the way the cool-down timer works to stop the code from being the exact time every cool-down. Below is what I have, open to suggestions. It's got to be simple, I just can't see it yet. Procedure Random using LO, HI loop 100 // remove when fixed. Timestamp Get Number Compute Number = INT(($HI - $LO + 1) * rnd(1) + $LO) Timestamp $Number // CoolDown Timer End // remove when fixed. End
  10. My turn. Don't need the last Else in the code before the 5 end statements, the code is going to end after the last IsObject. Why objvar 50? thats high, 3 to 9 would do it. Why moving mouse before each Isobject? Why so big an object? you can use just the i as it is in a unique position, nothing else goes where the i is. You could make it 3 x 10. I would add a delay of .2 sec between each command, just to slow it down OR add MouseClickDelay 50 at beginning of script, just to slow it down a little. Where is the setactivewindow {game} ? Is this the full macro? Seems to be missing a loop or a while 1 = 1 statement as the 10 second delay at the end is pointless. Not trying to upset you, just need more info to help you code what you need, and hopefully give you ideas on how to look at the code in different ways. Oh, can you screenshot the game. that will help me code something to try, might give you some ideas when I have a crack at it. Need to see it so I can try some coding on the game screen. I enjoy something different now and then. sharpens the brain. Example code with what you posted and the screen shot from earlier. This would be my starting point after setting active window to the game. the smaller the object, the faster the code will find it. The object is close to the I in Ink, think I missed by 1 or 2 pixels. ObjVar 5 mousePos 3406, 713 delay .2 sec LeftClick Delay 2 sec IsObject INK at 3459, 274 delay .2 sec mousePos 3459, 274 delay .2 sec LeftClick Else IsObject INK at 3581, 274 delay .2 sec mousePos 3581, 274 delay .2 sec LeftClick Else IsObject INK at 3459, 301 delay .2 sec mousePos 3459, 301 delay .2 sec LeftClick Else IsObject INK at 3581, 301 delay .2 sec mousePos 3581, 301 delay .2 sec LeftClick Else IsObject INK at 3703, 301 delay .2 sec mousePos 3703, 301 delay .2 sec LeftClick End End End End End Object Ink // Size: 3, 10 width x height 144=0,0|131=0,2|128=0,4|122=0,6|124=0,8|134=0,10 141=2,0|230=2,2|230=2,4|230=2,6|230=2,8|230=2,10 End
  11. Is Ink in same position or positions (you have 5) on the screen all the time? and the object is way too big, just need to look for the I. If not, it will be very hard to find.
  12. Thanks WABBIT, will have a look over the next few days, got a lot on atm with foster child, taking up a lot of my old free time. Very rewarding. Oooo, read up on when event, now that could be what I am looking for, going to have a play with that.
  13. This is what I am interested in as well. Will be watching this thread for the code. I tried a few things and came across the problems The WABBIT typed under Option 2. My placement interfered with the code so I stopped and put it out of my head until now. Thanks a lot... lol
  14. Thanks for the info Wabbit. I'm looking at just opening a few windows via VM/sandbox and moving between them, a modified version of the 6 player log in macro I coded ages ago. E&B allows multi windows, ace online doesn't, so need to run sandboxs.
  15. What VM program are you using? I find it interesting to try a few ideas by opening a few windows of a game I play and do some testing. Opening each window and waiting for focus before the code continues is the way to do it as Wabbit suggested, that's how I use 2 windows in-game, but would like to try multiple windows in a VM.
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