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  1. Ego


    Works now, just checked, Wife and I in process of becoming foster parents, doing courses, computer time a lot more restricted now.
  2. Ego


    Are you still working on it? No theme icon now.
  3. Titan theme gone, I'm back on the IPS Default what happened?
  4. Need to add avatarpos = 0 in the second constant section, and it runs. I just need to slow down some timers as it's too fast and clicking before screens are loaded, I expected that.
  5. Think I understand what you are trying to say. Looking at the code you posted I can see what you mean. Will rewrite my Sommer macro to do as you suggested. Bound to find ways to shorten it Thanks Wabbit.
  6. After looking at layout and how the constants are set, I added the set avatarxxx code after the end statement to make the constants the same as what is in the constants at the beginning of the macro. This is done as the "timestamp $avatar1name is avatarname at finish of unlock." was Xsix which created havoc when the next procedure started. Is there a way to use what is in the constants in the beginning of the macro? or the constants need resetting as I have indicated? Part of the layout procedure. If $number >= 6 set AccountName5 = $AccountName6 set avatar5name = $avatar6name set left5 = $left6 set top5 = $top6 End call accountname End set Avatar1name = Xone // Name of 1st Avatar. set Avatar2name = Xtwo // Name of 2nd Avatar. set Avatar3name = Xthree // Name of 3rd Avatar. set Avatar4name = Xfour // Name of 4th Avatar. set Avatar5name = Xfive // Name of 5th Avatar. set Avatar6name = Xsix // Name of 6th Avatar. timestamp $avatar1name is avatarname at finish of unlock.
  7. Added mysticdrews suggestion, but, had to change the layout activation as the multiclient window was being double clicked now and then. Moved some code around and now only clicks layout once after reading how many avatars in $number. Now working on my other problem about the wrong avatar being loaded when I combine login and avatar. 6 Toon Login V1.1.mac
  8. This code just loads and forms 6 toons or less, each macro is loaded one after the other. These are the originals without mystics suggestion to shorten the code. Still working on that one. 6 Toon Login.mac 6 Toon Avatar.mac 6 Toon Group.mac 6 Toon Form.mac
  9. Do you have an updated version of this SomPrasad v1.4.6.zip 

    It hangs up in Som


    1. Ego


      I'll check my macro folder, I'm sure I fixed that problem. Will send you the code when I find it.

  10. Used the if statement exactly as is, it worked with no changes, thanks a lot mysticdrew, cut out a few lines Now working out why the names will not reset back to what is in the constants, guessing I might need to do a setconstant command in my code after the procedures log in, that's where I get the same name trying to load the same avatar and position into the window on all the accounts and fails. I will find it, has to be something simple. When I separate the code and I created another macro to load the avatars, it works, but when I tried to combine them it failed, that's why i think I need to find where the constants are needing a reset (setconstant) and I can build a full login and group and form. (atm they are all separate) Again thanks for the help.
  11. what trigger? what game or program? have you attempted to code anything? Without the basics we cannot help you, it's like asking how long is a piece of string?
  12. unlocktester1.zip Made the Numbers Procedure 10 lines shorter by doing some condensing, still not quite there yet, frustrating.
  13. unlocktester.zip Need some advice on condensing the Numbers Procedure, tried a few ideas but had no luck. I might need to rewrite the code but I have put so much time into it I really don't want to drop it. This is not the finished macro, just the unlocking part. Once this part works I will be adding the code to open each game window and add name, password and avatar position to load the avatars.
  14. I did see something many years ago, think DaMob might have posted something, but it was slow so he wrote his own. You could ensure the inventory window is moved to the same place every time before scanning for an object or a is color.
  15. Seeing as you viewed this thread and no information about that game and code you have, I'm guessing you solved your request or don't want to share information. I have a few ideas and macros that could help, but YOU need to give information.
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