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  1. Why? Need some input as to what game you wish to use what you want to do.
  2. Threw this code together a few minutes ago. cursor runs across the screen and then down. I will use this myself as a starter for finding mobs etc on screen. Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but, better than nothing. Good luck with it. Would like to see your final macro when you are finished with it, to add to my collection. constants TempLeftPos = 0 TempTopPos = 0 TLeftPos = 0 TTopPos = 0 end set TempTopPos = {WindowTop} set TempLeftPos = {WindowLeft} compute TTopPos = $TempTopPos + 200 compute TLeftPos = $TempLeftPos + 100 loop 7 loop 15 compute TLeftPos = $TLeftPos + 100 mousepos $TLeftPos, $TTopPos // shows where cursor is. delay .05 sec End set TLeftPos = {WindowLeft} compute TTopPos = $TTopPos + 55 set TempTopPos = $TTopPos End
  3. http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/index.php?/forum/3-cdelphivb-development/
  4. Never used the list commands in my coding, one day I might look into it, but everything I need to do, I can.
  5. This is a basic macro in a game that looks at the screen for an object called 100. When the code finds the object 100, moves to the next part of the code, which checks if the object 100 has gone. When the object 100 has gone, the code stops. As you can see the object 100 is 5 pixels by 5 pixels. SetActiveWindow Earth & Beyond delay 4 sec ObjVar 3 call WaitForSector //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Wait For Sector XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Procedure WaitForSector while 1 = 1 IsObject 100 at 608, 795 delay .2 sec Break Else Delay 1 sec End End while 1 = 1 Delay 1 sec IsObject 100 at 608, 795 Delay 1 sec Else Break End End End //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Object 100 // 608, 795 Size: 5, 5 width x height 66=0,0|241=2,0|93=4,0 47=0,2|120=2,2|84=4,2 24=0,4|109=2,4|71=4,4 End //XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  6. I'm on my laptop as my tower stopped working, has all my scripts on it. When I get it fixed, I can find a basic macro using object searching to upload for you to look at.
  7. I'll see what I can come up with. Short code that does what I want. Did you look at making a macro on this forum?
  8. What are you trying to do with your script? Maybe we might be able to help.
  9. Check your spelling in the script, eg, rightclick. I have not looked at searching the screen for a mob, I look at places where the mob might go, then use an object to detect if it is there, then do something. The other way I use is, looking at a spot on the screen to use (using iscolor), and trigger an event. So if the mob goes over a spot on screen it triggers a reaction, BUT because the screen is dynamic it is very hard if a lot of things are happening. (False Positives) I'm at this spot now in a game I am playing, trying to figure a way around it. I tried to do a search for a mob but the program took to long, and as DaMob has mentioned, even he could not wait for the screen to be searched.
  10. Show a script and a picture of what you are trying to sequence. Then something can be explained to help you work out your code.
  11. Looked at my macro that I tried first time (I save all examples, have a very big macro folder with sub folders) and I only used the # key, thought the square brackets was indicating what to type. That was my error, soon as I read what you typed, I went looking for my test macro, and did the classic slap hand on forehead.
  12. Rightclick on game icon and start in sandboxie. Normal icon start. setactivewindow [#] name [#] move on screen. setactivewindow name. move on screen. works well, thanks WABBIT. Once I sat down with a coffee and thought thru it with your examples, all works.
  13. Sorry about that, been a few very busy days with our foster child and meetings, I was frustrated and didn't compose my question properly. Will sit down and read thru in the next day or so and see how I go. Thanks for what you have done already.
  14. Sandboxie.v5.30.exe Is it possible to use AcTools with Sandboxie. I cannot seem to find the right setactivewindow. I have attached the program to see if anyone can head me in the right direction. Trying to open 2 or more instances of Ace Online. Tried the names that are shown on the window and in Task Manager, no luck. Using Win 10 by Spectre Ghost. Info.txt
  15. That's a lot do do the below code. SetActiveWindow (game name) Delay 1 sec mouseclickdelay 50 MousePos xxx, yyy loop (number of loops) doubleclick delay .4 sec End
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