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  1. Looked at my macro that I tried first time (I save all examples, have a very big macro folder with sub folders) and I only used the # key, thought the square brackets was indicating what to type. That was my error, soon as I read what you typed, I went looking for my test macro, and did the classic slap hand on forehead.
  2. Rightclick on game icon and start in sandboxie. Normal icon start. setactivewindow [#] name [#] move on screen. setactivewindow name. move on screen. works well, thanks WABBIT. Once I sat down with a coffee and thought thru it with your examples, all works.
  3. Sorry about that, been a few very busy days with our foster child and meetings, I was frustrated and didn't compose my question properly. Will sit down and read thru in the next day or so and see how I go. Thanks for what you have done already.
  4. Sandboxie.v5.30.exe Is it possible to use AcTools with Sandboxie. I cannot seem to find the right setactivewindow. I have attached the program to see if anyone can head me in the right direction. Trying to open 2 or more instances of Ace Online. Tried the names that are shown on the window and in Task Manager, no luck. Using Win 10 by Spectre Ghost. Info.txt
  5. That's a lot do do the below code. SetActiveWindow (game name) Delay 1 sec mouseclickdelay 50 MousePos xxx, yyy loop (number of loops) doubleclick delay .4 sec End
  6. beginning of script keyrate 50 MouseClickDelay 50 While 1 = 1 ProcessMessages delay 1 sec End or, if you want the keyrate to go slower when typing words you would use keyrate 150 keydown d 2000 // change to suit, lower is faster keyrate 1
  7. It is not AC Tools lagging you then, sorry. Below is 2 examples that may help you, copied from a macro I use. keyrate 150 // Any lower macro fails.(try mouse delay time?) MouseClickDelay 30 // adds a small timer slowing mouse button clicking
  8. You need to move a file across to 5.51, there is a post about how to do it. actool.chm is the file you need to xfer from 5.4 to 5.5
  9. Update AC Tools to 5.51
  10. What clock? The macro helps if you want it to be checked. Below is a snippet from a macro that I use in a game, reboots at 0315 to ensure game is logged for the gifts we get in-game at 0330 my time. Hope it helps you. procedure time delay .2 sec FormatDateTime Time = {now}, hh:nn if $Time = 03:15 timestamp $time call reboot End End
  11. Where? Screenshot it
  12. Try delay .5 sec Then work on the .5 and lower it The macro you are using would be a help to help trouble shoot it.
  13. What version of ACTools? Some games will not allow a third party program to run that hooks into the game.
  14. Is game on admin rights and is ACTools on admin rights? This does not look like the full macro. if it is, no need for ObjVar to be there at all.
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