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  1. I just tested with SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad keys ^h And was given the result I expected ctrl h, which is the replace with window in notepad. Same expected results with the ~ and the @ keys. So going by those results keys ^leftclick Should be ctrl leftclick. Tested in EnB and keys ^I turns on ping and turns it off again.
  2. ^LeftClick. remove the + sign Edit : I have it wrong, thanks to The WABBIT it is Leftclick^ no + sign. Weird, yea, you think the ctrl or shift key would be first.
  3. I was having same kind of problem in EnB. Found out I could add MouseClickDelay 100 // 100 is time. Lower or higher in milliseconds Procedure SpamRightClick every 0.5 sec if $RightClicker = 1 SetActiveWindow Supreme Destiny delay 100 RightClick end end The mouse delay allowed me to stop using mousedown and up. Hope that helps.
  4. Found this in an old macro, don't know if the showtopic is still there to check what was being shown in the thread. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// point=1239513710 // Angle, in unknown form, to set at StarbaseReset //// Mem=00BDBB80 //|/\|Do not modify unless StarbaseReset procedure dooes not work. In which//// Mem2=00BDB1C0 //|\/|case go here http://forums.cameroncole.com/index.php?showtopic=1189 //// //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
  5. If you do a sbreset outside station, nothing happens from what I have seen when I sometimes coded in a sbreset when in space. I could look up cheat engine and run the program till I find the address in stations, it should give about 5 addresses when docking, just need to work out how to drive the program
  6. E-mailed you what you sent me when we were coding like crazy lol. Also added the multiclient unlocker and a single avatar login with it What I noticed is, on all stations the avatar lands in front of the door to lounge and a few other places. your code moves the avatar to the left of the door if possible, what I was wondering is, is there a way to find the location where the avatar lands in front of the door in memory that we can use to stop any turns from the landing bay to run into the lounge. SBReset Finder.mac
  7. The theme link is there now, could be I needed to reload the forums after first log in? But all is good, thanks for the info, soon as I wend down to bottom the link was there. The Titan theme is nice
  8. Looked all over the forums, I cannot see the themes link, either I'm just blind and not seeing it or it's not visible
  9. Still missing all the code.  3 toon login.zip  Look at this.
  10. TimeStamp: 05/15/2019 04:46:12:723 pm - The hotkey was pressed. TimeStamp: 05/15/2019 04:46:17:935 pm - The hotkey was pressed. TimeStamp: 05/15/2019 04:46:22:243 pm - The hotkey was pressed. It did go top left on screen at 50, 50
  11. I'm just getting  TimeStamp The hotkey was pressed.  nothing else
  12. you are getting there, if iscolor doesn't work, you could try isobject at x, y  In the macro below,  Change line 1 [game name] to game name. Change lines 5 and 7 [name] to your chosen name. Change line 9 to where you want the object code to be stored [C:\objects\] and change [name] to same as lines 5 and 7. Change lines 11 and 12 [position] to x and y coords Change lines 14 and 15 to the size of the object you want.  Run.   object maker.zip
  13. If you can open inventory and it can show the last inventory spot. When it is full iscolor x, y MAILTO person@someplace.net end  You might be able to use [MAILTO person@someplace.net]. I have never used it so cannot say if it works.  Look at mail in help screen.
  14. Thanks for that. I'll have a look tomorrow seeing as it is 10:48pm here
  15. Is there code missing?, seems incomplete  When the code is run all it does is objvar 20  gems.zip
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