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  1. Thanks for your reply I'll try to figure it out... 26 letters *2...gonna be tough lol But fisrtly, I'll look for a good OCR that I'll run with AC Tool so all I'll have to do is to read a file or something like that
  2. Hi I'm a new user of AC Tool but I'm not new in programing... I think that what I wanna do is close to what you explain Chazcon so I'll post my questions here ^^ I would like a match a text in clipboard and text on my screen (it's for a game) Size, color and font don't change (I can freeze location I guess) Can I manage to do it with screenscrape? Thx in advance
  3. That's not about the regexp It's how can I get 2 text fields on the screen and compare them... It seems to complicate to compare char by char with an object :/
  4. Hi guys I'm a new user and I need some help please I want to compare 2 strings (from a chatbox in a game and for a selection box) with regular expressions... but I really don't know how to do it So if you have any idea,please help me
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